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Justin Gets Wet For Rolling Stone

Justin is all sexed up on the cover of Rolling Stone this week. Forget Suri - this is the photo I want to see. Yummy!!! JT admits he hated a 2003 cover of RS when they crowned him the King of Pop. He said he had worked so hard to get away from the boy band image and was horrified to receive that title. Here's more:

"That Rolling Stone coverline bothered me so bad. When I saw it I was like, 'My God, my career is over.' "I felt it meant I still wasn't being taken seriously, that I was being stereotyped just like I had before. They end of year Best Of... lists didn't help, either. Pop Album of the Year here. Pop Album of the Year there. "I couldn't understand why people couldn't hear that I was doing R+B."

I think it's safe to say JT has successfully moved on from a boy band member to hot solo artist! If you missed Justin's appearance on Ellen on Monday, along with performances of SexyBack, My Love and Cry Me a River, just read more

Justin performs SexyBack

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Justin performs Cry Me a River


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