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drama-queen219 drama-queen219 10 years
theyre so cute! is this for real
b-UNIQUE b-UNIQUE 10 years
me too tyffi! i think she is gorgeous (but im not gay)!! anyway... they are alrite for each other. hey do u think his new song Summer Love was meant for her? bet it was!
Drewsfan Drewsfan 10 years
I don't like them as a couple, either. I just can't imagine what it would be like to be a girl and -not- be the pretty one in the relationship.
running-home running-home 10 years
am i wrong to feel that whenever an american celeb chooses man u as their favorite team, they're total posers? it makes even less sense since beckham left....or more since his move to la, so thats the only team those in hollywood have ever heard of. this exasperates me. its like some random japanese (no hate to japan, just its half way around the world!) superstar getting homeplate tickets to the world series and decking himself out in yankees gear and being a "fan."
maeve maeve 10 years
Such an upgrade for JT. Cammie is looking rode hard and put away wet.
demeter demeter 10 years
I think they do make a good couple.
woodycakes woodycakes 10 years
now that was fast. i wonder if it'll last.
lrt lrt 10 years
I'm not a fan of either. She's so manly and needs to date an athlete so they can work out together all day since that's what she does best. He needs to find someone full of herself so they can talk about how much they love themselves. Yuck, both of them! Go away!
Hope5 Hope5 10 years
I don't know if it will work or not!
scottdavis0676 scottdavis0676 10 years
Jessica may not have the prettiest face, but her body rocks! Last I checked, Justin didn't have either going for him. When he was younger, he had a boyish appearance. Since then, his looks have gone to seed, kind of like Leo DiCRAPio. Besides, I'd take substance over style anyday. Somebody who is intelligent, healthy, ambitious and likes to have a good time. He has all that with Jessica, but she'll wise up and dump his UGLY ASS!
lindaloo lindaloo 10 years
He just jumps from one relationship to the next! You don't see Cameron doing that.
ianaco28 ianaco28 10 years
i don't know why, but justin looks like a dirty old man is this pic
futonfighter futonfighter 10 years
Considering Justin's track record I'd advice anyone to give him a wide berth - Jessica Biel especially because she's hot, and look how hot women end up when with or after they're with Justin. Step away, Jessica.
Princess101 Princess101 10 years
i agree with cinnomon girl, i still cant believe they are going out..eik
hills hills 10 years
i like both of them, i think they both seem pretty kl, and down to earth. i think he was proberly just having a good time after he broke up with cameron and then met jennifer and hit it off, u cant help who u fall for how ever long after u break up with somone.
Fancy04 Fancy04 10 years
I like them together.
Shpohlc Shpohlc 10 years
They do seem like an odd couple. But thats long as JT is happy. Hope everything works out for you!!
poptart124 poptart124 10 years
They seem odd as a couple. She alright, but she ain't all that. He can do better. Cameron seemed better suited for him. Whatever man, I hope they're having fun.
nat_says nat_says 10 years
i do not like JB. She's a bad actress, boring, and quite frankly, I don't think she's that pretty? Remember when the picture of her bikini was posted and you could see she had a piercing on her dirty belows? Not classy. Not classy enough for Justin.
andaman andaman 10 years
This is the first for Biel to be dating a mega celeb, I hope she's ready for it. Not to mention he is on the rebound.
popontop popontop 10 years
They just don't click as a couple. He was better off with Cameron. I doubt this is anything more than a fling. Either way, whatever works for him, he's still cool.
Princess-Rebecca Princess-Rebecca 10 years
I don't know wbout these two... :s
Janeiro Janeiro 10 years
This is just a ploy to get some press attention by both of them. No one goes to adamn Man U game for privacy. He never seems to smile unless he's being celebrated as some sort of God, which he is not (No one can convince me that squeal of a voice matched w/ his co-written awful lyrics is talent). His ego is too much: romance (He kisses a woman like no other--with "his soul"); sex (No woman can teach him anything he's not already an expert at); he's never responsible (Superbowl; Punk'd: which he now blames his momma's boy routine was due to pot use) and music, which is well-known. No man who's truly confident would constantly keep posturing the way he does. Oh, and his beard looks like pubic hair. What? It so does.
pynkpuffy pynkpuffy 10 years
waaa. i still like justin and britney together!! ah? what?
Lasiesta-de-Suza Lasiesta-de-Suza 10 years
Please, please Jessica get out of this as soon as you can. The guy is so arrogant, so egocentric he might contaminate you... Run for your mind! Run!
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