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krisua krisua 9 years
He's so BOYISH!
kimmie33 kimmie33 9 years
I'm still trying to figure out what people see in Justin Timberlake. gross!
jaan_black jaan_black 9 years
Crrrry meee, crrrrry meeeee
jaan_black jaan_black 9 years
he looks like he just did line of coke...he's do-able some his music (usually)
Cinnamon-Girl Cinnamon-Girl 9 years
:oy: :oy:
truvoiceme truvoiceme 9 years
I'm totally with you on that one "Greggie", I'm still waiting for him to bring sexy back!!! Besides, JT may have a ripped body from all that dancing but his face aint that cute. As for talent, seen it, done that and bought the t-shirt, he is just a poor caricature of Micheal Jackson and Prince.
KizerSosa KizerSosa 9 years
bishbosh.. Pointing out type o's on blogs is soooo immature. So what that she spelled disgusting act like you never misspelled anything wrong...that's why we have spell check..and for those who can "get over it" know what she meant when she typed discusting...gezzzz Why are you jumping all over the peps who don't find "girly voiced" JT's their opinion..and this is a public blog.
LyzzNY LyzzNY 9 years
i think i'm getting sick of him... crazy huh?
dmblauren dmblauren 9 years
i've been a big JT fan since the days when nsync first came out (and yes, all of my friends did make fun of me mercelessly for liking him). but lately he's been getting on my nerves. that out of control ego and dating jessica beil are very unattractive to me.
Pirate33 Pirate33 9 years
What a lucky fan!! He looks like he was having a good time. Has anyone been to his restaurant yet? Is it any good? I'm thinking of going this weekend.
BKNYGal BKNYGal 9 years
YAY..he's in NY this week. I'm going to see him on 8/16. Anyone know where he's staying??? :)
Cinnamon-Girl Cinnamon-Girl 9 years
he`s too sexy here !! :DROOL: :DROOL: :DROOL: i`m inlove :LOVE: and you can have his babies after i do tatti ..(i`m having his first
Cinnamon-Girl Cinnamon-Girl 9 years
omg!! the time i don`t feel like commenting on pop i miss a JT post !!!i suck!!!
PopBoston PopBoston 9 years
I always loved JT - but met him at the bar I worked in years ago and he was a total princess -- grumpy & whiny,hiding behind his bodyguard, wouldn't even say hello to fans & only talking with his Mom... He was cordial enough though & introduced himself to me, his waitress (this was in the NSync years & when he was first dating britney) ... But I still always liked him because he's got a great voice & is an amazing dancer! Then this past weekend when he was performing in Boston he went into my friends restaurant & she said he was SO NICE & friendly --- not that many people there even noticed him & he thanked the waitstaff & even took a picture! He was also spotted a few other places & I heard all good things! Just thought I'd share -- and ps, I was REALLY mad my friend didn't call me the second he walked in the door.... oh well!
sugarbecky sugarbecky 9 years
mrsyuen mrsyuen 9 years
Yay JT! Love his songs!
popgirl84 popgirl84 9 years
bishbosh, I disagree. Even JT must know that he's got his hands in a few too many jars at the moment. He's spreading himself too thin. Forget about the public tiring of him, if he continues like this he's going to burn out physically, mentally and creatively. I understand and admire his ambition but it really wouldn't hurt him, personally or professionally, to take a breather. You can tell that the excessive scrutiny is getting to him as well, so much so that he himself has hinted in various interviews that he intends to take a break pretty soon. As an avid fan of his, I'm more concerned with the quality of his work as opposed to the quantity. I'd rather see him involved in a few projects that are outstanding than many more that seem half-baked.
bishbosh bishbosh 9 years
[quote]i don't know why everyone is hating on justin! he is super-talented... boy can sing, dance, play the guitar, play the piano, and acts pretty well for being talented in everything else. i heart justin![/quote] I totally agree imajen. But it's no surprise to see this sort of reaction. The super talented person, who have the ability and will to do something with their lives, always brings "the negatives", out of the woodwork. Pathetic.*sigh* [quote]*Where are all the Justin fans?![/quote] That's a good quesion but i can tell you that they are probably somewhere that doesn't hurt the brain alexlove. It's very hard to take a place like this seriously. A place that writes nothing but silliness most of the time and i'm not just talking about the posters. The caption writers are pretty stupid as well. They set the tone. It's way too juvenile for the true fans to hang out here consistently. On a brighter note, he's asolutely gorgeous and i do agree that he is love. [smile] I don't think that he's overexposed. Considering that he's touring and doing a million things, i think that he's been remarkably [i]underexposed[/i]. There have been pics here and there, not the dozens and dozens that there could have been if he was the sort to play things up all of the time. [quote]Justin, WHEN are you goanna shave that ugly discusting neck of yours?[/quote] Probably when you shave yours jennifer. Oh and the word is disgusting [smile]
popgirl84 popgirl84 9 years
Yup I agree with Jillness. He's all over the map these days, and in the long run the overexposure will hurt his career more than help it. I see the same thing happening with Beyonce (although she has been considerably more ubiquitous than he has). I remember after JT concluded his Justified tour he felt burned out and badly in need of a break. That's precisely what he did; he just sort of went on vacation before coming back with a bang. I suspect that's what he's going to do after he wraps up the current tour as well. If he's smart then for the next couple of years, he'll step away from the spotlight and work behind the scenes helping create and market the albums of the two Tennmen Records artists - Matt Morris & Esmee Denters. And then he'll return to the music scene with his next album offering his fans a fresh sound and a completely new experience.
epicurean_Essy epicurean_Essy 9 years
Yay! He seems so sweet and is so hawt!
outofhere outofhere 9 years
First yuckly shirtless Matt and now Justin.......they both bug and bore me.
alexlove alexlove 9 years
Where are all the Justin fans?! I agree with imajen, Justin is love :) What's this about leg braces??
lolalu lolalu 9 years
Eww I can't stand Justin, he's such a sketchy sleez ball! Talent aside, he's an ASS. I love how Justin earned his cred. in the music industry by publically tearing apart someone that we loved...... I mean do we remember the cry me a river video?! at least Brit was classy enough (at least back then lol) to keep private things private, and not write 50 million songs about him and put him on blast! Ever hear of gentelmen don't kiss and tell??!! uggh what a j%@k off!!
imajen imajen 9 years
i don't know why everyone is hating on justin! he is super-talented... boy can sing, dance, play the guitar, play the piano, and acts pretty well for being talented in everything else. i heart justin!
BabyCookie BabyCookie 9 years
As much as I like his music. There's just something about HIM that bugs me......
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