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Justin's Tattoo Mistake?

Justin's Tattoo Mistake?

We love this hot photo of JT with all his fake tattoos for his upcoming movie Alpha Dog. The movie got good reviews as it was this year's closer at Sundance. In fact, EW reported it as one of 5 of the Breakout movies. This is good news for JT who is trying to jump-start his acting career. Unfortunately, it looks like they may have made a mistake with one of his many tattoos his characters sports as the drug dealing Frankie. The Scoop reports:

Was something lost in translation? Justin Timberlake is covered with fake tattoos for his role as a drug dealer in the film “Alpha Dog.� One of them is a Chinese symbol which, according to the London Times, means “ice skating.�

Can anyone out there confirm the goof or maybe it has multiple meanings? I love when people get tattoo's and they don't even know what they mean.

UPDATE: Thanks to all your responses - reader Rachel said the meaning is "wind, earth. water, fire" which makes a lot more sense than ice skating.

SECOND UPDATE: Apparently the Ice Skating thing is on his other arm so click here to see more tattoos on JT. Thanks to everyone for helping resolve the mystery.


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