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pebbles2077 pebbles2077 6 years
He is so hot.
bluestar bluestar 6 years
Justin is hot. Nuff said.
mina88 mina88 6 years
Justin looks dirty and homeless. And the skinny jeans made him look chubby. He's so gross.
irisne irisne 6 years
justin very hot than brad .....sorry
mina88 mina88 6 years
Terry Richardson is a major pervert. He's disgusting. He's sexually assaulted so many young models. If they said no to doing sexual things with him, he would call their agencies and complain that the models were being difficult. What in the heck is wrong with Jennifer Aniston? She's like utterly clueless. Are her PR people total morons? Is she going to be posing with Charles Manson in lingerie next?
PeachyKeen19 PeachyKeen19 6 years
What does it say about him that he hangs out with Terry Richardson? Just read up about him on Jezebel or any other site. He is a known pervert! I don't know if they are close friends but this can't be good. I agree that Jen could do sooo much better!
Jen4 Jen4 6 years
3 movie scripts? yeah he wrote crappy script for iron man 2... so what?
portena44 portena44 6 years
I don't understand all the hate .. Why does she 'deserve someone better than him?' Is he bad just because he has a beard and is scruffy looking? I think he seems super cool.
amob amob 6 years
He is not tall and has short legs. This is not good for men. Besides his head seems big for this body. It doesn't fit at all. Maybe his big head is the clue for an inteliggent man.
Joanna Joanna 6 years
He looks happy. I'm not crazy about the beard but otherwise he is good looking. He's wrote 3 movie scripts at least that have did good so he must be intelligent. I don't really see anything about him that I don't like.
LolaMD LolaMD 6 years
Creepy and gross
Jen4 Jen4 6 years
I am not her fan but come on... she deserves someone better than him...
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