Looks like JT has jumped on the trash Federline bandwagon. The Scoop reports:

He thinks Kevin is gross, and there's not much that would change his mind about that,a source told the tab. He says that they [Spears and Timberlake] had a lot of great years together, and he's pretty sad at how things turned out for her.

Timberlake apparently hasn't ruled out the possibility of reuniting with Spears professionally, that is.

I'll bet if Britney wanted Justin to help her put together a comeback record, he'd jump at the chance, says the source. He's someone who never backs down from an artistic challenge, and he's said that he'd love to see Britney redeem herself through music even if he has to give her a push.

We have finally gotten over that JT and Britney will never be a couple again but we'd love to see them work "professionally" together. Maybe in time for Justin's new album. That would be hot. Oh remember when....