Getting sober has done wonders for Lindsay. She has admirers coming at her left and right. Music mogul Scott Storch is buying her serious bling. Her exes Wilmer and Jared Leto also have apparently been making eyes at her recently. Now she has one more guy chasing her and it's none other than K-Fed. Maybe he got the wrong idea here at the Xbox launch party back in October. Because he evidently texted LL on December 22nd, saying "We should hang out." However, it appears LL was not interested. Here's more:

“She was totally grossed out,” a Lohan pal tells Us.

Says another, “She thought it was hilarious.”

However, Federline didn’t appreciate Lohan’s “Why would I hang out with you?” reply.

He fired back, calling her a "firecrotch."

Says the source, “She couldn’t believe he was so pathetic. She doesn’t want him using her to make Britney jealous.”

It sounds like he's just trying really hard to stay relevant by dating another celebrity. We're just glad LL was sober enough to realize this would be a bad idea. Good girl Lindsay.