Who knew that Newsweek would actually feature an article on K-Fed? In the article Kevin talks about getting gum out of carpets, his music, and hopes for touring someday. He also spoke about leaving the hospital with Sean P for the first time with "40 cars behind us, and there were another 50 lining the side of the Pacific Coast Highway, all trying to get a shot inside the front window." Could you imagine? That's crazy. The best line in the article is:

"Sure, there'll be the initial shock and awe," says Federline, sitting in the Malibu, Calif., studio where he's recording his debut album. "But they've already said so much s--t about me it can't get worse. 'He hates his children, he treats his wife like dirt, he gets high all day.' If I was that bad, you think anyone, let alone Britney, would put up with it?"

Things I don't get, why is he smoking at a gas station? And what's with all the people surrounding his car at the gas station while he chats away on the phone. It's amazing how this guy became so famous just by marrying Britney.

Page Six also reports Kevin was causing a raucous with friends this weekend. They said:

K-Fed annoyed Studio City residents the other day when he and a bunch of his low-rent buddies went out shooting air rifles in the residential area. According to tmz.com, Federline and a half-dozen pals were at an apartment complex in Studio City and "were playing war games in the densely populated residential area, shooting projectiles - possibly rubber pellets - from what appeared to be air guns with laser scopes." K-Fed's posse weren't even good shots. "Projectiles were hitting dwellings and cars as they frequently missed their intended targets," says the site. Residents were said to be annoyed.

Sounds like really fun times.