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Malfinnien Malfinnien 7 years
She doesn't have small breasts she has NO breasts, she's dangerously underweight. It's sad from all that posing and pouting for the paps she actually thinks she looks good (and what's with pic 8? She looks like she's giving him a blow job). I'm not sure what they've actually done to garner so much attention, he's only a TV actor who's no hotter than his cast mates and she's an unsuccesful movie 'actress' only known for dating Orlando Bloom. Every time I see pictures of them alone of together it winds me right up.
mariserin mariserin 7 years
it makes me really sad how critical everyone is. so she has small boobs, fine. if she had implants someone would say something, too. small hips, same thing. if they were big, someone would insult them. and no wonder she feels insecure with everyone saying such mean things.
Chrissytd Chrissytd 7 years
The only reason I know of her is because she dated Orlando Bloom and because she was in Blue Crush, which is the movie I know her from.
Chrissytd Chrissytd 7 years
Does everyone notice in pics 5 and 8, she's trying to get his attention but he really paying her any remote attention?
gd101 gd101 7 years
so bleh, honestly i have no idea who she is. i have to admit that these pics look posed. by the way.... i love these mini conversations a/b husbands and crushes. that's more interesting than posed pics of kate.
mrsld mrsld 7 years
Tammy- Embrace your crush!!!! Husbands get it eventually. My hubby resigned himself to my crushes. He actually refers to Leo as my boyfriend. You have to see peoples' faces when he says it in public! :rotfl:
mrsld mrsld 7 years
She is talking to the girl in the chair that's why she's not reading... jeez people leave them alone.
TammyO TammyO 7 years
Haha! Amanda- I just had to confess to my husband that I like him, after all those times of watching The Tudors with him in steamy silence(I guess he just thought it was the story lines I was hooked to) and my husband did a double take and said, 'Wait WHO is THAT in your avatar?? Is that the guy from the Tudors?? You LIKE him??" I said casually "yes yes now you know I find him rather attractive..."
Celestina1 Celestina1 7 years
I'm not going to criticise any of this two...but... WTF?!?! This is the most unnatural pic I've ever seen. I you want us to "buy" this, please...stop posing!!
rmonty82 rmonty82 7 years
I agree with TammyO. KB is a lolly pop head. I IMDB'd her a while back she has barely done any movies. Shes attractive in the face, but her body makes me want to chuck a cheeseburger at her. Fashion Designers love her, you see her on all the time. Skarsgard is ok.
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