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ThatsBloo2You ThatsBloo2You 10 years
What chick isn't a bridezilla a few dozen times before the wedding?
jmast jmast 10 years
Thanks lhomey :) kizersosa, get out of here? We went to dinner at the Venetian right after our wedding and gambled there for a bit. And no we did not win anything like you did! LOL!!! I won $500 on the roulette table at another casino but lost $500 the next day...ha ha ha. It was fun though so it's all good. We plan on going back this year before we try for a baby, like one last hurrah ;)
MuppetsForDinner MuppetsForDinner 10 years
I hope I'm not a bridezilla. I think others would describe me as "stressed out" but some people (including me) really can't control it all the time. This is why I am 100% decided on investing in a wedding planner. That or tons of Xanax. :-)
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 10 years
Meh, i get meltdown over bras all the time! seriosuly, no jokes, I HATE bra shopping!
unicorn18 unicorn18 10 years
I think ET was the one who asked her if she finally had a Bridezilla moment during an interview for Private Practice.
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 10 years
Why is she telling this story?
snoopy-sun snoopy-sun 10 years
love kate! she's gonna be a beautiful bride
outofhere outofhere 10 years
I'm hoping we might see a pic or two of her wedding because I bet she is going to looking stunning!
krisua krisua 10 years
She looks smiley anyway!
Jacqui Jacqui 10 years
NFI who this is.
prplegem21 prplegem21 10 years
sometimes pressure breaks you down
angeldevilwings angeldevilwings 10 years
Can't wait to see her wedding dress, I heard it will be by Monique Lhuillier. I like that she's making fun and admitting to her bridezilla moment.
KizerSosa KizerSosa 10 years
beautiful lake..isn't that the golf course that they will only let you play on if you're staying at certain hotels?
lhomey lhomey 10 years
jmast -- that sounds like the PERFECT wedding to me! Simple, elegant, and tons of fun afterwards!
KizerSosa KizerSosa 10 years
I meant HOLD a convention
KizerSosa KizerSosa 10 years
I miss the carefree and the excitement of Las Vegas. We should tell POPSUGAR they should hole a convention there so we can all see who we've been fighting with all this time lol
KizerSosa KizerSosa 10 years
jamst I got married in Vegas too!! We got married at the Venetian hotel on a little bridge inside the hotel..and we rode in a white gondala right after we said our Ido's. We had a blast in Vegas and we won about $2,000.00 at Tresure Island at the black jack tabes! lol
jmast jmast 10 years
Here is a pic of the's really don't think if you get married in Vegas, you have to go to a drive-thru chapel ;)
jmast jmast 10 years
I had the most stress free wedding day. My husband and I, (being the youngest of our families, our older siblings had the big weddings) decided to get married in Vegas. Not the Elvis impersonator wedding, but we got married on a gondola on Lake Las's on the property of The Ritz Carlton, 45 minutes from the strip. We landed at 11:30pm on Friday and went straight to the courthouse to get our license. T hen I dropped my dress off at the concierge desk of our hotel on the strip to get steamed, the next morning my dress was delivered, I got my makeup and hair/veil done in the hotel's salon and my husband had a tux and shoes delivered to him in the room and fitted. Then we took a nice limo drive over the The Ritz, got married while going around on the gondola, and then we took a bunch of pics (we had an officiant and photographer with us). Then we zipped back to the hotel, I slipped into a slinky dress and we had a blast in Vegas....drama and stress free! And we were able to buy a house as soon as we got back. That's what we really wanted to do with our money. I don't regret it for anything..but again, it's not for every one...some people like the traditional wedding and I totally understand that. :) Sorry for the long thesis..but I don't watch Kate Walsh in anything..ha ha ha.
almostloli almostloli 10 years
ah i can't wait for kate's wedding pics, i always think she is gorgeous!!! i am so happy for her! (despite the fact that she experienced some bridezilla moment)
KizerSosa KizerSosa 10 years does she feel about how she acted back then now? just curious..who was she screaming at?
canthelpwatching canthelpwatching 10 years
Kizer - The first photo of my SIL coming out of the church is of her mouth wide open screaming at the top of her lungs at someone. It was priceless. A perfect photo to sum up the worst "wedding" that I've ever been a part of. Everyone around her looks scared and she looks postal. Priceless.
Zahara-Pitt Zahara-Pitt 10 years
wow i never expected this on a kate walsh thread... any hope she enjoys her special day
KizerSosa KizerSosa 10 years
wow, I guess I just don't get all these "bratty" brides...I was so excited about spending the rest of my life with my husband there was no way any negative thoughts were within 10 miles of my like you canthelpwatching it was a great experience and I couldn't stop smiling.
spygirl658 spygirl658 10 years
Wow, I can't believe Kate's getting married this weekend! It seems like she just got engaged yesterday. I wish her a happy and paparazzi-free wedding! :)
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