Tom has been in NYC making the MI3 PR rounds. He hit TRL to talk to the young folks and later that night went on Letterman. Dave was teasing him about fatherhood and then pointed out he still was not married yet. He also said:

"Kate and I can't take our eyes off of her," said Cruise, who also added that Holmes's mother and his own are providing most of the baby advice they require. Of Holmes, Cruise said, "She's magnificent. She has done so well … an incredible woman."

"She's so good looking," commented Letterman.

"That's the first thing I noticed," replied Cruise.

Obviously he can take his eyes off her since he has barely been home since the baby was born. This morning on Regis & Kelly he thanked everyone for their support and love for Suri. He finally wore some color (but was in all black on Letterman). The big news is that Katie is supposedly going to make her big post pregnancy debut a the LA premiere later this week. Apparently, her father is not happy with her weight loss regime since she is working hard to get back in shape for big events including their upcoming wedding.

Finally, to read more about the $40 million pre-nup deal Kate scored

The Daily Mail reports:

After weeks of legal wrangling, she and Cruise have signed a £22million pre-nuptial agreement.

An £8million trust has already been set up for Miss Holmes, 27, and the couple's two-week-old daughter Suri, regardless of whether the couple marry or not.

Sources say if they do marry and later divorce, Miss Holmes will receive an additional £14million from Cruise, who is said to be worth £250 million.

The pre-nuptial agreement has been the subject of intense negotiations between Cruise's lawyers and Miss Holmes's father Martin, a divorce solicitor.

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