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Rama Rama 6 years
Tabs are saying she's down to 98 pounds and dropping. At 5 10 that's bad.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 6 years
She is a skeleton. gross. And @anya82 we fat americans arent comparing her to us, its obvious she is underwieght compared to any average sized person. ..
anya82 anya82 6 years
Kate looks amazing and her style is always timeless. She may seem thin but only compared to the average American woman who is slightly overweight. But to the rest of the world I think she's prefect. The same goes for my as well. I'm Asian American, 5'2 and 100lbs; when I visit my country of origin, everybody calls me Fat there! LoL. It's a cultural thing.
Pursy Pursy 6 years
I used to really think Kate, or Catherine, was pretty cool and suited for the job/title. This extreme weight loss though is beyond ridiculous. Get it together, woman. Seek help if you must! Many impressionable girls are looking up to this frail body as the ideal. Not healthy and not attractive.
mishyrun mishyrun 6 years
your dress was perfect ....the other Princess Diana would have been proud. If you Granmother In-Law does not agree I am sorry for her. PrinceWilliam loved you in the dress and you seemed confident and comforable..... It was your wedding THAT IS WHAT IS IMPORRTANT
Louie Louie 6 years
For God's sake, can you please stop calling her Kate Middleton??? Diana wasn't called 'Diana Spencer' after she was married, was she? I don't know why but this drives me absolutely nuts. Other than that, I agree with the comments about too much eyeliner and too much weight loss. Five kilos would do the trick. She looked perfect around the time of the engagment announcement.
joey8888 joey8888 6 years
She is pretty but men/woman who don't follow the Royals think she is a lot older then 29/30. She looks old and thin to me but that is my opinion.
SandyFeet SandyFeet 6 years
Why this phobia about her weight? What does it matter, she looks extremely happy and content. Americans are hung up on food and weighe . Give it a rest. Enjoy your your own fat and leave her alone.
ojoba ojoba 6 years
when she become preggers,she won't look so skinny.
neonbee neonbee 6 years
A lot of people are saying she's getting skinnier because of the stress of planning a wedding. Erm, the wedding was months ago... It may be because of her new role in life, but I'm sure she's thought this one out already because she's been with Prince William for so long.
gossiplovalova gossiplovalova 6 years
. this is the first time I agree with the she's too skinny comments.
gatsby-esque gatsby-esque 6 years
The Queen is also probably thinking, "Where is Catherine's bosom? How is she going to produce a healthy heir if she's got no meat on her bones?"
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 6 years
she's starting to get that bobble-head look.
stacymerritt stacymerritt 6 years
She's probably losing weight because of the new position in her life. I'm sure I'd lose weight too!
scoopaddict scoopaddict 6 years
agree with the other comments, she looks too skinny. but also, the headless wedding dress display, i agree with the queen, it's awful. reminds me of one of the last scenes in Beetlejuice w/ Geena Davis's character 'filling in' her wedding dress. :)
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 6 years
Ok, usually I wouldn't comment on someones weight but she is looking really thin. I thought she would stop losing weight after her wedding.
Miss-Infamous Miss-Infamous 6 years
shes so skinny
babaloo babaloo 6 years
The incredibly shrinking princess. yikes!
Rama Rama 6 years
she needs to put on some weight
gatsby-esque gatsby-esque 6 years
I agree with the heavy liner comment...especially on her bottom lid! Firstly, it looks like something someone first experimenting with makeup would do, and secondly, she doesn't need such heavy lining!
awesomepants awesomepants 6 years
The heavy liner is killing me. Her hair is gorgeous though (as usual)
Lauren-Turner Lauren-Turner 6 years
looking lovely as usual!
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