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Kate Middleton Pushing Prince George in Stroller

Kate Takes Prince George Out For a Stroll

Kate Middleton traded princess duty for mom duty in London Wednesday when she took baby Prince George for a walk — and we have the first pictures! Kate and William's dog Lupo also came along, as the Duchess of Cambridge pushed the future king of England in his stroller. The trio enjoyed the fresh air in Kensington Gardens, which is basically their backyard. Just yesterday we saw the new royal mom decked out in a tiara that once belonged to the Queen Mother. Will and Kate took up official duties on Tuesday, joining the queen for the annual diplomatic reception. But for her time with George, Kate swapped the traditional headpiece for a baseball cap and donned some sneakers, looking like an everyday mom.

See more exclusive photos of Kate out on a stroll with her little heir below.

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Image Source: Bauer-Griffin Online
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Mare15376326 Mare15376326 3 years
Gosh, she looks rather pissed off when she is looking at us. Guess someone was on her. Doesn't look like an enjoyable walk at all for them.
Carina15174563 Carina15174563 3 years
Ay, stroller, pram; kettle, pot.
commoner commoner 3 years
ill bet she hires the photographer to tell the world that shes a hands-on mom....
Patricia15165930 Patricia15165930 3 years
Pram is short for perambulator or baby buggy. A stroller is lower and faces forward.
Anne-K14986060 Anne-K14986060 3 years
She looks great. If I were she, I wouldn't keep staring at the camera; just ignore it and forge ahead.
chelsea321 chelsea321 3 years
I just adore her and love how down to earth she is! She looks wonderful =)
african87 african87 3 years
nice to see her this way she is walking with her son and her dog too wow.
stefanieprince97696 stefanieprince97696 3 years
I live in the Deep South USA and we use the word buggy for large carriages and stroller for smaller ones, usually made for older toddlers. We also use the word tote in place of carry, in other words, the buggy totes the baby. Hope this makes sense!
barbie1953 barbie1953 3 years
A stroller you say? So common!! ;) I like the new faces in high places these days. Between Kate and Pope Francis, it really is quite refreshing!
Shevaun15150562 Shevaun15150562 3 years
It's refreshing to see that the Duchess is not allowing her status go to her head.. They both appear to enjoy their freedom as they should!
Linda15149720 Linda15149720 3 years
This is not a traditional English pram its a stroller which is usually made of a soft material body sits low down and it can be taken of the base and put in a car. A pram is made of metal has a deep body and spray painted like a car. Its totally fixed and very heigh so when the baby is sat up its eye level with the person pushing the pram which is not the case in the picture. Silvercross are the only people I know that make traditional prams and they are extremely expensive. 36 yrs ago we paid £156 which was 4 weeks wages.
Joan15149600 Joan15149600 3 years
Wow! Great pics. She is gorgeous dressed up or down. She would look beautiful in a burlap sack! I really admire her not letting the royalty go to her head. She's just fantastic! :)
Kristen0412 Kristen0412 3 years
Strollers..Prams.. I feel it should be called prams as well coz thats what they are. The cool "pram" which Kate has is either a SIlvercross Sleepover Elegance or a Silvercross Balmoral pram. In the US I was only able to find it a ... funny they used the word stroller instead of pram!
Karen15149442 Karen15149442 3 years
Stefan: A "stroller" is for taking toddlers for walks, it has a forward facing upright seat. In American English, Kate is pushing a baby carriage or buggy. Perhaps posh Manhattan moms call it a pram. She looks unhappy to have been spotted, but such is the life of a celebrity.
Judi15149240 Judi15149240 3 years
You are incorrect Stefan15149223 - It doesn't matter which audience this article is written for - it's a pram.
Stefan15149223 Stefan15149223 3 years
Sorry Zasu15148651, but the device is called a stroller in the US, not a pram and occasionally a baby buggy, but most usually a stroller. I could understand your concern if this was a UK based article written for UKers only, but it is not so STOLLER it is,
Debbie15148785 Debbie15148785 3 years
Poor woman looks like she's being stalked.
Zasu15148651 Zasu15148651 3 years
psss! Popsugar, that is a PRAM, not a stroller. Or a buggy, but never a stroller. Geez, get the facts.
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