Pete may have missed his Bali wedding due to rehab, but it's looking like the make-up ceremony will happen very soon. The rumor is Kate accepted Pete's proposal while visiting him in rehab last week and Pete is set to leave rehab this week for his crack cocaine and heroin addiction. We hope Pete really is on the road to recovery if Kate does plan to marry the addict. Here's more:

According to the newspaper, the pair are likely to wed abroad – probably a tropical destination – where the only guest will be Kate’s mother Linda.

The former Libertines star, who has battled drug addiction for the past few years, allegedly told Priory staff: "We will run away together to somewhere no one can find us and then we'll get married."

The Babyshambles frontman has made good progress during his latest stay at the Priory. He has put on weight and apparently looks healthier than he has in years. The source told the newspaper: "From the moment Pete came into the clinic, he accepted he was addicted to drugs like heroin and crack. He knew he had a problem.

"In counselling sessions he has said things that show he knows what he needs to do – stop taking drugs and seek help as soon as he feels the urge to do so.

"Kate has been so impressed with that attitude. She has always loved him but just needed him to straighten up. Now there's nothing to stop them marrying."

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