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Kate Moss Cancels Book Deal While Pete Doherty Gets One

Drug addict idiot, Pete Doherty has decided to write a book about his druggie days with Kate Moss. I'm thinking this is not the best way to win her back or, for his sake, stay out of jail. It's really sad that this guy wants to be famous for doing drugs. Besides, the way this guy does drugs he won't even be able to finish the book before ending up in jail or dead. Page Six reports:

JUST when Kate Moss thought she was rid of Pete Doherty, the junkie rocker has inked a deal to publish his personal diaries chronicling his druggie lifestyle and dysfunctional relationship with the supermodel. Editors at Orion Books, which will publish the tome next March, can only hope the Babyshambles frontman will be around to publicize it. He's been arrested numerous times for possession since last year, and is now doing 12 months of community service and undergoing detox.

Meanwhile, Kate Moss canceled her book deal. She had announced in January that she was to write her version of a tell all in her book but has since decided it's not necessary. Smart move Kate.

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