In case you ever had any doubt that Kate had made a recovery from her cocaine scandal last year, we can now officially say she is beyond that saga. She is the face of a record number of ads, the most influential celeb in the world, and now has been named Model of the Year. We love a good comeback, but not everyone is thrilled that Kate was crowned with this title. Kate really is never free from controversy. Here's more:

"I think it's a bad reflection on the world of fashion," said Jane Ennis, editor of celebrity magazine Now. "The fact that she has become an even bigger icon since getting into all this trouble is fantastically decadent. Sometimes commercial interests should be set aside to look at the wider picture."

George Ruston, director of Hope UK, a drug education charity in Britain, called the award "unhelpful" and said advertisers were as much to blame as Moss. But he added that for every young person who looks up to Moss as a role model, many do not, and the problems of alcohol, tobacco and cannabis abuse are worse than that of cocaine.

We are so thrilled Kate was named model of the year - her comeback is fabulous! Congrats to Kate!