Like Kate's new look? Lucky for us this is not her latest trend for us all to get suckered into. She's just putting on an act - literally. While Pete has supposedly checked back into rehab, Kate's been keeping her mind off of him by adding "actor" to her already expanding repertoire. Recently she took to the stage to perform as a delinquent teenage mother on the popular English sketch show, Little Britain. One of the show's actors, David Walliams thinks she's really got what it takes. He said, "Kate has natural comic talent. It's just that most people don't know it because they see her in pictures and beautiful people aren't allowed to be funny." Here's more:

Moss joined Little Britain stars David Walliams and Matt Lucas for a cameo appearance at the Hammersmith Apollo in London for a Comic Relief version of the famous television comedy series.

Details of her role were kept under wraps before she appeared shellsuited pal of "yeah but no but" teenager Vicky Pollard.

Walliams persuaded Moss to take part after she and boyfriend Pete Doherty went to see a Little Britain show.

Standing next to Lucas, she mimicked his expressions of a delinquent teenager.

Moss then joined the Little Britain star next to a line of six buggies, posing as a teenage mum on benefits.

Well, that's as close as Kate will ever get to being on welfare. Her career is taking off in all different directions. Maybe we can get her to do SNL next! For more pics of Kate acting goofy just