We love that Kate loves her curves and promotes a healthy body image for ladies around the world. Not only is she acting like a fabulous role model for women, but for her own daughter as well. Here's more:

"It's so disturbing because young girls are impressionable from 11 up to 19 or 20 even. Women are very impressionable at those ages," Winslet told British Broadcasting Corp. television's "Sunday AM" program.

"They're trying to figure out who they are, and they want to be loved, and what I resent is that there is an image of perfection that is getting thinner and thinner, and it's truly upsetting to me."

The British actress said she refuses to allow any magazines featuring rake-thin models into her house for fear her daughter, Mia, will see them.

"It's only a matter of time before she becomes aware of it, and it frightens the life out of me," said Winslet, who is married to director Sam Mendes.

Winslet said she hoped her success will be an inspiration to others.

"I hope that in some small way I'm able to say, 'I'm a normal person, I'm doing all right.' I've got a lovely husband and children and I didn't lose weight to find those things, and those things are what should be important."

We couldn't agree with Kate more. We hope the super skinny starlet look fades fast. Kate is a perfect example of a talented, beautiful actress who isn't starving for food or attention. Perhaps that is the real secret to her success. For more pics of Kate looking beautiful and healthy just