Kate Winslet is choosing to be a full time mom over making movies. We hope she doesn't retire from making films completely, but it's endearing to hear her gush about her kids. She just wants them to have as normal of a life as possible, and not think of their mom as some famous celeb. Might be a little too late for that. She said,

"It's important to me that my children don't think of their mother as this strange celebrity creature. My husband and I both want to give them as normal a life as possible. I certainly benefited from the kind of grounding my parents, who were both in the business, gave me. My daughter has seen me on the set several times but she's not particularly enamoured of her mother's world. She likes to come to visit me at work and I love it too, but it's bit boring for her. I love the fact that my kids are very normal and not the typical movie-set children. They have a whole other world and I very much want to keep it that way."

More pics of Kate and little Mia just acting like normal, everyday people so