After a long, winning award season, Kate Winslet finally got her Best Actress Oscar statue tonight. After her sincere and heartwarming speech, we were lucky enough to hear even more from Kate in the press room about finally achieving her dream.

  • On retiring her own nude scenes and who she wants to "pass the torch" to: This is the one time I feel like reaching for my publicist. . . [ pause] I’m going to go for a woman and be really controversial — Susan Sarandon.
  • On dreaming of this moment: A dream is a dream. When that dream starts to become a reality the nightmare doesn’t seem to kick in. I just always knew that it was a dream, was a fantasy that probably would never happen. It's only dawning on me now that I won an Oscar. It’s only starting to sink in. Right now actually. Oh my god.
  • On the win: Did you see my mom and dad? My mom won a pickled onion competition in their local pub just before Christmas and that was a big deal. The Evening Post sent me a picture of her holding up her jar. Well, Evening Post, here’s your next Winslet picture!
  • On choosing her dress: I thought it was really elegant. I thought my mom would think it's really pretty that’s why I wanted to wear it.
  • On Sam directing love scenes: To be honest, the very straightforward answer is that he’s used to it. He’d seen me naked before I even met him. The person who was very professional getting through the emotional moments during Revolutionary Road was Sam. I was pathetic. He would turn to me and say you’ve done this so many times before and I said yes, but you’re standing right there, isn’t it a little bit weird.

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