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Katherine Heigl Is's Most Desirable Woman of 2008

Is Katherine Heigl the Most Desirable Woman?

While 2007 was a big one for Katherine Heigl, 2008 is off to a great start as well. 27 Dresses is a hit and this week she was ranked #1 on's list of the most desirable women. The list is supposedly chosen based on looks, humor, intelligence and charisma. So tell us — do you think she deserves to be named the most desirable woman of the year?


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FlowerandFlame FlowerandFlame 9 years
Judging by looks alone, no, I don't find her nearly as attractive as her counterparts, nor do I feel she has much charisma. As far as her personality, the bit she shares with the public annoys me. Maybe she's lovely in real life. *shrugs*
kristya kristya 9 years
No, she's annoying!
itsa-bitsa itsa-bitsa 9 years
she always manages to put her foot in her mouth.
juliegal juliegal 9 years
i am going to throw up. she is NOT the most desirable woman. she's a total hag. she's NASTY in SO many different ways....
mandy_frost mandy_frost 9 years
I think she's super gorgeous. My guess is that many of the guys who did the voting on this poll saw "Knocked Up" -- I thought it was HYSTERICAL (and I tend to like funny movies that guys like). I think she's a pretty classy lady too. She's young but doesn't booze it up and go to rehab like some other young celebs. Also, she stood by that Grey's Anatomy (I cannot remember his name.) guy too when Isiah Washington was saying nasty things about him. That earns her major points with me.
bethmass bethmass 9 years
Something tells me this "nomination" is the result of her PR machine pulling strings and working overtime, as it seems to have been the past year. I'm so tired of her.
soccerchick soccerchick 9 years
I so want those boots!!!!
Jessamae22 Jessamae22 9 years
wow, while I think she is beautiful, I definitely don't view her as the most desirable....Granted, I'm not a guy, but geesh! There are so many other women out there who could be #1...haha, I just told my husband and he was like WHAT?!
stone_soup stone_soup 9 years
#1, totally agree with you! #4, "only smokes a couple of cigs a day"? Proving my point! The smoking habit is unacceptable.
katulinek katulinek 9 years
I like her style she looks classy
aprild aprild 9 years
DEF don't agree!!! No way!!
vivelamour vivelamour 9 years
I was like WTF when I saw the list. ALESSANDRA WAS ROBBED! Hahaha. I agree with someone else who mentioned Rihanna. I would have even been happy with that. She's more deserving than freakin' Katherine Heigl!
missmarc missmarc 9 years
seriously. she does NOT deserve most desirable woman. she's not even that pretty--if that's all we're considering. and yes she is witty and her career is really taking off...but i would have expected anne hathaway to be in this place rather than katherine heigl. heigl IS very obnoxious and there are ways to publish your opinion without being a donkey.
meeshee meeshee 9 years
ummm no way. yeah she's hot and in movies she plays fun, bubbly characters but all in all, she's SOO overrated!!!!
No...not at all. Out of all the people.. I don't get it.
DCStar DCStar 9 years
Why not? If they're going to have such a silly list, I think she's as deserving as anybody.
LaLa0428 LaLa0428 9 years
Most annoying thats for sure.
lizzylu49 lizzylu49 9 years
I love that they picked Katherine as opposed to some tool like Eva Longoria or Jessica Biel who just blatantly try to use their sex appeal to remain popular. While I do get tired of all of her media attention, this is well-deserved. Katherine is naturally gorgeous and she is very charismatic and talented. Men have better taste than I thought!
Lexie_Kesh Lexie_Kesh 9 years
She's pretty, but I don't think she's sexy or has a great body. Her personality I find grating. she tries too hard imo to be funny and witty.
missz missz 9 years
quit smoking, she always has a cig in her hand. very bad a an up and coming actor to always have a smoke dangling from her hand.
tmariej tmariej 9 years
I wouldn't say she is the most desirable. I wouldn't say she is completely obnoxious but I'm just tired of her. She needs to learn not to say everything that pops in her head.
jwtucson jwtucson 9 years
She smokes ! No way !
else411 else411 9 years
No, but only because she hasn't done anything in the past year to really desire. Her tv show and movies don't interest me.
sonnia-x sonnia-x 9 years
i voted yes but then i realized that there are many other women better than her, god!! what did i do ?!!!
NdHebert NdHebert 9 years
She is SEXY! Everyone does something bad whether its smoking a cigarette, drinking too much wine or eating too much trans fat. Get over it!
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