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Katie's Bump - Let's Do the Math

Katie's Bump - Let's Do the Math

People reports Katie Holmes was seen getting in a little retail therapy at Barneys in Beverly Hills. The actress is reportedly due "any minute" and while many of you think it seems like Katie has been pregnant for eons, she is on a completely normal schedule. I will try my best to backtrack and clear the air to end any further confusion.

Try to follow me: The couple announced they were pregnant in early October. Since then we have watched the magical mystery bump and even posted the fabulous collage Trent posted. Most celebs wait at least 3-4 months (if not longer) to announce the good news. It is likely that miss Katie got knocked up in mid-June and therefore is due any day now. See for all you ladies who have not been pregnant - I hate to be the one to break it to you - but it's not 9 months - it's more like 10. The doctors count you to 40 weeks (not your actual conception date since most people don't know exactly when this is so they use this standard method that includes a few extra weeks) so while it does seem like a long time the math seems to add up for Katie to be due by the end of this month. This also makes me think Angelina and Gwen are not due until at least June based on when they announced their bumps but I think Angelina was much farther along than Katie when she announced. Looks like last summer was a very loving one.

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