While it was Tom's big night, David Beckham and Katie Holmes were definitely two of the best dressed on the red carpet last night at the Lions For Lambs premiere in LA. We can't blame Katie for staring at dreamy Becks — he was looking so hot that he inspired Fab to do her very first male celebrity style.

As for Katie, she looked like she was having a great time, but rumor has it that she and Tom didn't stay and mingle after the screening. Instead, they hopped on a plane headed east because Katie has been training to run this weekend's NYC marathon. Of course, no star in Hollywood can wear a dress that's even remotely loose without sparking a few pregnancy rumors, but Katie's rep has already assured us that a little brother or sister for Suri is not on the way just yet. While we would love to see a sibling for Suri, for now I'm sure she and Tom will make an excellent cheering section if Katie is really set to run the big race.