OMG, you guys, Katie has no way out!! If the most recent cover of Us Weekly is to be believed, that is. They're saying that Katie Holmes is stuck between a Tom Cruise and a hard place. The hard place, of course, being her husband's love for Scientology and need to surround himself and Katie with fellow Scientologists at all times. The magazine claims that Tom has forced Katie to take "mommy classes" based in the religion, which is apparently (and understandably) offending the 28-year-old new mother.

Once again, Victoria Beckham is billed as Katie's only real link to the outside world (wow, that makes things sound creepier than usual) and the magazine goes so far as to make it seem like Katie is constantly watched by the array of "minders" and "handlers" lurking around the estate. As usual, this all sounds like a bit of an exaggeration, though I'd imagine Tom's devotion to the religion could get trying, especially if Katie doesn't subscribe to all its tenets. Honestly though, we'll never know what goes on behind those closed doors -- so I can't blame anyone for speculating. Me, I'm just happy to keep tabs on Suri's hair.