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Kelly Clarkson Does It Her Way on My December

Kelly Clarkson has been creating quite a stir lately and her album My December isn't even out yet. Apparently the American Idol winner likes to write her own music but her record label wasn't a fan and actually delayed her album release for four months. Kelly stood strong on her desires to have the album she wanted and now she opens up to EW about the mess. Here's more:

"Everybody doesn't like me writing all the time no matter how many No.1's you write. It's clearly like yelling at a brick wall. I won an [ASCAP] award recently for best song of the year [for "Because of You"]. People just refuse to even look at statistics. I mean, is there something higher than No.1 now? It's because I'm a woman-because I'm a young woman. I literally heard someone say it [during a conference call]. They didn't know I was on the phone. Like really we're living in what century? I hung up. I was like, I can't even address that. 'Cause that was the most ignorant thing I've ever heard."

Her first single "Never Again" is currently #12 on the Billboard Hot 100 so obviously Kelly knows a thing or two about songwriting! My December comes out June 26. Looks like Simon is still rooting for her. He said this about Kelly, ''She's up there now in the top five most important recording artists in the world, literally.'' WOW!


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