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Kelly Slater Says He and Cammie Are Just Friends

Ever since her break-up with Justin, Cameron has been hitting the gym like it's her job. She has obviously been working off some steam (and after seeing the highlights from JT's newest video, can't blame her). She also looked to be on quite the workout schedule while she was in Oahu with Kelly Slater. Kelly however says the physical activity between the two is strictly platonic. "We're just friends," he said last week at the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am Tournament. When asked how his friend Cammie was feeling after the break-up he said, "She's doing well." While we still think they would look hot as more than friends, it's good for Cammie that not all the men in her life are after her romantically. Plus, she'll never have to lose her new surfing buddy because of a nasty break-up.


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