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Kevin Brings Little Ones to Visit Brit

After a difficult road of deciding whether or not to commit to an inpatient rehab facility at all, Britney has been at Promises in Malibu since, at the urging of her family, she checked herself in late Wednesday night. Britney has apparently committed to a 30 day program and while she is recovering Kevin, with the help of both his and Britney's mother, is taking care of the babies. At the end of last week, reports came out that Kevin (who is really on the upswing, mostly cause he's not the deadbeat we all assumed he was) went to visit Britney in rehab, and on Saturday he brought Sean and Jayden to visit their mom. We're sure that she was thrilled to see her little ones under more stable circumstances than the past few weeks. Honestly though, it's wonderful to hear that those who love Britney the most are coming together to support her and the kids while she is getting better.


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