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Kevin and Britney on the Rocks?

As K-Fed is everywhere promoting his debut album, Playing with Fire, Life & Style is reporting once again that he and Britney are having issues. Apparently they still aren't getting along, and Britney is back to checking into hotels. L&S reports:

Things went further than usual on the night of Oct. 23, when Brit became so annoyed with her husband, she left their Malibu home and checked in to the Hotel Bel-Air. “She looked like she’d had a rough night and needed to get some sleep,” says an eyewitness. “She wasn’t in a good mood.”

Britney, 24, made her point: She was angry that Kevin, 28, was paying more attention to his career (his album, Playing With Fire, went on sale on Oct. 31) than to their kids, Sean, 1, and Jayden, 7 weeks. “It was Kevin at his worst,” says a Spears family friend. “He made Brit and the kids seem like bit players on his stage.”

And Britney has had enough. “She told Kevin that he’s on warning,” says a Spears family insider. “He was acting like a pig, so she left for a while.”

Britney was supposed to make an appearance with K-Fed at his album release party last night so hopefully we'll get some fabulous Brit pics soon. Will this answer our question as to if these two are fighting....Stay tuned...


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