Kid Rock may be going through a messy divorce but that didn't leave him feeling bitter this Christmas. He decided to spend time to cheer up the troops. He evidently wanted to set a good example for his son by giving back this holiday season. You can bet the troops were happy to see him! He even blogged about it. Here's highlights according to Kid:

  • "This year for Christmas I wanted to make sure somebody was thanking our troops for their service, no matter what our views are on the current situation in Iraq. I could be spending Christmas with my family, but in my heart I know this is the right thing to do - not only for our men and women in service, but also to set an unselfish example for my son and send a strong message to the world to be thankful and think of others at Christmas time."
  • Long day, Dec 24th. Sang and signed autographs for 16 hours! Had one of the most thrilling rides of my life in a Blackhawk today with some real "rock n roll cowboy pilots"!! I never knew you could do things like we did in a helicopter!!

    Visited 3 different camps in Iraq, met lots of troops. Played my guitar and sang some songs for 'em, old school style through shitty speakers and no mic stand (so people had to hold the mic while I sang!!) Pretty funny, but it worked out...

  • I can't express how much it means to these men and women to have a slice of home come visit them. If you're in a position to do this, please really think about going to visit our soldiers. It will never be convenient, so just make time and do it. Not only does it mean so much to them, it is also one of the most rewarding and insightful moments you will have in your life. Remember, as people with talent and such good fortune in life, it is our military that allows us to express ourselves freely. Always hold them high in your heart and spirit.

    A lot of soldiers said "have a beer for me Rock when you get home" and I will without a doubt honor those requests!!

There were more emotional and sad entries as well. Kid seems to have a great heart and we're glad he shared his trip with us. He said the pics describe the story best so to see more of Kid supporting our troops, just