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Paula14433194 Paula14433194 4 years
What I think it so, so sad, and so very apparent, in all of these photos, but most evident in Photo Number *, and all the ones he is hugging, who, Jay-Z, I guess, and others, and the one where he is just staring cold as ice over here head, that he has no connection to her or the baby, his baby, anymore, and I saw this start from the very minute I think when they either revealed she was preggers with a daughter or suspect she is. As a mother of two sons, whose father's, both very rich, well employed, who each I had dated for some time, and each told me repeatedly they wanted a child with me, also pulled this same crap with me, at 5 months, and not just the mental and emotional abuse Kanye is doing to Kim, but I suffered physical abuse as well. By where has Kanye been all these tortuous months for poor Kim? Has he ever made one statement to the press, or on stage, or anywhere defending her honor, defending her period??? NO!! He's a pig. We all knew that. We all cringed when they started dating. When Kris Jenner said, on oneof the early shgows when Kanye first arrived on scene, "Oh, we've known Kanye for years…" What? Is the the Kardashian blessing? You know them so now you're cured because they are, for the most part, nice people?? To leave a pregnant woman, married to her or not, out hanging on a limb like that, in the most precious time of her LIFE, when she should be cuddled, and told how beautiful she is, and caressed each night, and talked to the baby in her belly, and draw her a bath each night to ease the strain on her back from the growing belly of his child inside. But NO. He's far, far away, where she can't see him or touch him. And he's being his shameful, selfish self as usual. How shameful to allow some blonde sex kitten to post comments and photos of herself on her Twitter feed, referencing Kanye, at his recording studio in Paris, knowing full well how much it would hurt Kim, feeling so alone, so uncomfortable, so unsure, so unconfident, just her and the bay, in a nightmare pregnancy she never dreamed of, back home in Calabasas, CA? And he did nothing about it. This is mental and emotional abuse. And woman all over America first suffer it from their man during their pregnancy, but I think for Kim it started earlier than that, when Kanye forced her to clear out her beautiful wardrobe of clothes, shoes, coats, bags, and accessories, and pretty much gutted it, leaving just black and white stuff. Yuck! How boring. How monochromatic. That is not Kim. Why us she settling? This man is going to bring down the empire she tried so hard to make and brought to absolute successful fruition. She is wasting gobs of money trying to please him, chasing after him, and losing endorsements. I actually feel quite sorry for her. I really did not have much opinion of her before, I do know that she is smart, and she knows business for sure, her father taught her well, but her heart gets in the way when it comes to fast, and she acts too impulsively. Best thing for her to do now, not marry Kanye. Don't even list the B---t--- on the birth certificate. She has a home, plenty of money, a loving and supportive family. What more does she need? Certainly not Kanye. Dump him, Kim, and dump him fast before he dumps you and dumps you business empire to the ground. You deserve much better.
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