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JennMN JennMN 5 years
I was reading on about her new boyfriend, already.
gloglo gloglo 5 years
All you haters need to get a job and work as hard as Kim works.
Jane-Ellis Jane-Ellis 5 years
She is horrible and doesn't respect marriage!
renee415 renee415 5 years
She definitely made it a point to keep a solemn face for this photo shoot...Can't wait to see more statements of Kris's side of the story...will be following this list of Kim K must reads for that update >
Sophie123 Sophie123 5 years
her face will soon look like MJ's....she really needs to stop and take a deap breath....fame has goten way up in her brains that she is just distroying her self....and other thing...where is Kris H??? how come we don't hear from him???
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 5 years
The fame-whoring, product- selling just doesn't take a breather I guess.
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
she needs a touch up in the botox dept
littlemunchkin littlemunchkin 5 years
This was all a big publicity stunt, wasn't it?! I don't even know who these people are, they just keep popping up in the news!
Ingrid-Christine Ingrid-Christine 5 years
I take a few days off and KK is getting a divorce? Not surprised or anything like that; was just hopeful. I agree that the Kardashian family is too focused on wealth, however, I see love in that family so that counts for something. As for Kim, she is a fashion icon and always will be. I've yet to be disappointed in her apparel...
She doesn't look 100% there =(
Carolynxx Carolynxx 5 years
Kim who do you actually think believe that you got married for love!!!!! Not very many, just spend a couple hours reading people's comments, these are people all across the world and from different spheres of life in terms of socio economic status, ages, ethnicity etc. You especially (not generalizing your family) is all about money and fame!!!! Your sister has a baby but did not see the need to "hoopla" into marriage, she is doing what is best for her and her child. You are a greedy money grubbing person, with no values and no committment to anything only to money!!!! Just take a day to read about yourself, the image you give about yourself, how you portray yourself!!!! Hope you will return the ring to Kris.... How can you look at yourself and want to continue to be a role model to the people who support you and be your fan!!!! Your explanation is not enough to them...if you live a private life or a star who tries to be a private person then obviously you don't need to make a statement...but given your public life, your reality show etc you need to be a bit more open...You do not Kris...
CutieI CutieI 5 years
haha. A pig face + A wax face. Kardashian family is a joke
dandd dandd 5 years
what's gonna happen to the kardashians now...what a mess.
bugsbrat bugsbrat 5 years
still a slag
JustGossip JustGossip 5 years
Honestly, if she were really devastated she would have taken a few days for herself and people would have understood. Instead it's right back to promoting the "brand" or STILL promoting the brand. Those of you who were tricked by this family into believing it was real, you deserve to be treated like a fool. No one who has a real wedding puts together millions of dollars in product placement deals for the wedding. And if you still believe this is all real and her pain is real and the love is real, you have no one to blame but yourselves for making this woman and her stupid family rich. As the saying goes, 'there's a sucker born every minute". No one knows this better than the Kardashians. And their accountants.
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 5 years
More like she ran away since in America this skank is getting trashed for her fake wedding. Kim has messed so much with her face she looks like an alien. Her sister looks like rather like a pig.
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