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Kim Kardashian Tells Glamour She's "Insecure"

Kim Kardashian Says She's "Insecure" — Understandable or Unbelievable?

Kim Kardashian is on the cover of the new issue of Glamour, and the magazine features an interview she granted to Katie Couric. Aspiring musician Kim has recently been busy recording in the studio with Kanye West, meeting her new man Kris Humphries's family, and ringing in the New Year in Las Vegas, but she took the time to chat with Katie about her status as a sex symbol. She said, "It's definitely powerful. I don't find myself as sexy as everyone thinks. I'm a lot more insecure than people would assume, but with little stupid things. When I get dressed, I'm always so indecisive." It's an interesting revelation from Kim, who's posed nude or partially in the pages of W and even Playboy. So, tell us what you make of her statement — understandable or unbelievable?

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Burkina Burkina 6 years
I believe her. Its impossible to know whats going on in someones mind. Just because the public thinks shes beautiful doesn't mean she thinks so. Didn't she say she thinks she looks old?
wildsngrny wildsngrny 6 years
Insecurities often lead to the type of behavior she exhibits. She's seeking validation and security through praise of her body. However, I would also venture to say she's also making that particular statement in an effort to seem as though she can relate to the average woman (perhaps a prompt by her managers/PR staff?). Just my opinion.
Epicdoodle Epicdoodle 6 years
Understandable. Shes pretty, yes, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have her own insecurities. I think everyone has insecurities about themselves every now and them, we're only human, its natural to feel that way. I agree with zeze, if she was secure and confident in herself you wouldn't feel the need to dress up to the nines and wear a think layer of makeup everywhere she goes.
zeze zeze 6 years
Totally understandable and believable. Girls who try as hard as she does are ALWAYS insecure, otherwise they wouldn't care so much. In my most insecure moments, I always make the extra effort to look my best. If you want to see people who are secure, look to people who put in the normal or little effort, because they know they look good/decent and are happy with how they look (see Jennifer Garner, who looks like a knockout on the red carpet, but like a busy mom the rest of the time.)
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