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Kim Kardashian Topless in Kanye West's New Video

Speed Read: Kim Kardashian Goes Topless For Kanye

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  • Kim Kardashian goes topless in Kanye West's new music video for "Bound 2." Also: there are horses and mountains! Watch the video above.
  • Proof that Jennifer Lawrence is a superhuman: she was apparently really sick during the Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere in LA on Monday night but still managed to look completely flawless on the red carpet.
  • Speaking of Catching Fire, Sesame Street parodied the new Hunger Games movie with hilarious results.
  • Remember Jessie Spano's awkward outfits from Saved by the Bell? Well, Elizabeth Berkley remembers, and she revealed that she hated wearing a one-piece swimsuit on the show. "I'm sorry, but at 16 you don't want to be the girl in the one-piece with baggy shorts," she said, adding that feminists should be allowed to wear "girlie" things and still feel empowered.
  • British singer Rita Ora was rushed to the hospital in Miami yesterday after she collapsed on set during a photo shoot for Madonna's Material Girl clothing line. She was treated for heat exhaustion and dehydration and is reportedly doing fine now.
  • Rihanna's got a new 'do, and (no surprise here) it looks amazing.
  • Toronto's mayor, Rob Ford, is in deep water again, this time for knocking over a councilwoman after he charged into a City Council meeting on Monday following their vote to strip him of his remaining powers. Understandably, the citizens of Toronto are getting a little fed up with the negative attention that their mayor has been bringing to their city.
  • Oxford Dictionary has officially declared "selfie" the word of the year. Runners-up include "twerk," "binge-watching," and "bitcoin."
  • A reporter for Good Day LA has been put on medical leave after she discovered that she has a brain tumor following a surfing accident. Despite the health scare, she is remaining strong, telling viewers in a statement, "I promise I will return stronger, and who knows, perhaps smarter!"
  • Your Daily Dose of Cute: An adorable kitten who thinks it's ferocious.
  • And in not-so-cute news: Raucous students at SUNY Cortland in New York destroyed an entire neighborhood during a massive party that drew 4,000 to 6,000 revelers. Apparently, they were celebrating their football team's win over longtime rival SUNY Ithaca.
  • Martha Stewart may be an excellent cook, but someone needs to teach her how to properly take a photo of her food before she posts it to Twitter.
  • This is the awkward exchange that takes place when you accidentally text Michael Cera.
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