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King Kong Rules

I have written before that this was one of the few movies on my must see list this December. I knew I wanted to see it because Peter Jackson was the man behind the film and he had a budget of over $200M. Jackson did such an amazing job with the Lord of the Rings movies that you knew he would re-make Kong perfectly. I really had no idea what I was in for- it really blew me away.

The movie is a classic Beauty and the Beast love story full of adventure and amazing special effects and it will make you laugh and cry. Titanic - Smitantic, King Kong is about to rock the box office! You thought the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park looked cool - they got nothing on these guys. Kong looks so real - his hair, scars, breathing, mannerism, and that vicious roar. Most of all, Kong has a heart full of love and you feel it.

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Noami Watts is so beautiful and she was perfectly cast as the one both Kong and Adrien Brody fall in love with, hell, I didn't know I was in love with Noami until this movie. Jack Black is surprisingly wonderful. I always liked him in his comedic roles but this is a little different for him and he did a great job.

There are a few action sequences that are so intense your eyes are glued to the screen just to try to grab every detail. It makes me want to see it again.

I am going to warn you that it is three hours long. Eat before you see it and don't drink too much because you won't want to miss a scene. Jackson might have been able to cut it down, but it is so pretty to watch I can understand why he would have hard time editing anything else out. The movie comes out today and predicitions at the box office total are estimated over $100M. It's on plenty of screens so find a time and get ready to escape for three hours.

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