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BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
They're both equally gross!
Wicked Wicked 10 years
Have we seen him without the sunglasses?
JKe895 JKe895 10 years
Um... well that's some pick of a "classy" man if you ask me. I'm being sarcastic.
carolx15 carolx15 10 years
So every men are lucky in Hollywood.
andaman andaman 10 years
maybe they're friends? I kind of think they are just friends. They don't look like they're seeing each other here. She was all over jake when she was dating him but i don't see any of that here?
the-makeup-blogette the-makeup-blogette 10 years
doesnt look like her in these pices
SLB SLB 10 years
He is so lucky to be with her. ~~~~Sora: W-We're back! Kairi: You're home.
Doum Doum 10 years
She weirds me out a little, she's a good actress and all, but I'm just not that interested in her as a person, nothing personal.
carolx15 carolx15 10 years
Is she wearing a bra?
carolx15 carolx15 10 years
She's got a terrible skin and a ugly face and he is pretty strange. I don't like that couple. Remember Drew and Fabrizio Moretti but they were such a great/sweet/lovely/beautiful couple. I can't say the same thing about Kiki and Johnny, Bleh!
aras8218 aras8218 10 years
she looks very london-E
Classy-Amelia Classy-Amelia 10 years
They look weird together.
herbiefrog herbiefrog 10 years
breed... ? you say it like itsa bad thing : ) why not send any spare thoughts... tony ciccone old friend... ...not doing well [but does he deserve it ? ]
Satine09 Satine09 10 years
Ha, now watch them break-up in 2 weeks. Gross. They totally deserve each other. And a nice, well-given bath!
playsindirt playsindirt 10 years
He's a phase.
siouxsie siouxsie 10 years
lord help us these two don't breed. that would be the fuggest coke brat ever!
swwonder swwonder 10 years
I hope she goes back to the US, with him in tow. If I ever bumped into her I'd probably be unable to restrain myself. They definitely deserve each other in my opinion.
Kelly-O Kelly-O 10 years
She does look really old in those pictures. I had to go back and read it twice to make sure we were talking about the same Kirsten.
a-gentle-rain a-gentle-rain 10 years
I'm not sure what happened to Kirsten. One of her fist movies, Drop Dead Gorgeous, an indie flick, she looked so pretty. The wardrobe was only weird cuz that's what the character called for and it was the nineties. But now, she scares me. She looks like she would eat my cat and pick the bones out of her teeth in front of me. Her boytoy, equally puzzling.
pixiechick pixiechick 10 years
They look perfect for eachother. Gros, dirty, drugged out and their outfits must be the real thing :rotfl:
greysfang greysfang 10 years
Dare I dream she will STAY overseas? Nah...I'm not that lucky.
snowpiece snowpiece 10 years
I was all ready to post about how unattractive they both are, but y'all totally beat me to it!
JustMe21 JustMe21 10 years
He looks like he would smell like beer and cigarettes....disgusting.
JustMe21 JustMe21 10 years
They're both extremely disgusting imo...ew.
smartypantssugar smartypantssugar 10 years
It's called a hairbrush. Use it.
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