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Video: Kristen Admits to Cheating on Robert — Fans React, Our Take

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Gloria3028377 Gloria3028377 5 years
Wy don't you all just shut up about Kristen she made a big mistake so who hasen she not perfect and you all surely aren't nether leave her alone.  let Rob and Kristen work it out on their own I thank he should forgive her and give her a second chance try her and see I know he still has love for her still, and she still have's love for to she said so so but out of their lives,  I wish you luck and best wishes to both of you may God be with you both put your lives in His hand, you both need God right now He's there for you give Him a try you might just like it He help you both get through this God forgives us our sins see He knows were not perfect see that wy He send Jesus down here to die for us,  So Robert forgive Kristen good for the soul I know you love her thank about it ok, I am a big fan of both of you and I always will I love you both best wishes to you both and good luck you guys.
Gloria3028377 Gloria3028377 5 years
I wish people would just leave them alone and let yhem sort this out on their own, mine you own business so she made a mistake she not perfect and nether are you all.  I hope they can get through this I hope he can forgive her I know he still loves her, they are speaking now on the phone there maybe still hope for them yet, give her a chance after all she is only we all messup some where in our lives.  I love you both i'm a big fan of you both I hope the best for you two, may God be with you both best wishes to.
Eielson Eielson 5 years
Kirsten, Kirsten, Kirsten !   I did not know that you were One of those Anglophiles !   U a\ worked like slaves 4 Him a\ now this .   What kind of Fling is this ?   I know why . It's because of that little girl, Huh !   You acted like a C Minus Girl because You did not even skip and switch .   Let Alone Not Introducing Your New Boss to Your Old Link .   Looks like your career is in muted, which has been a meager mediocre at best so far .   Get Over it and If I were, I would not apologize a day after you got caught because He will be back only if He is a Monkey !   Instead You should tell him what made You tick so that he can do the right thing .   Remember, you did not cheat but he did . I cannot understand why he did unless you made yourself so available .  
Lorihmatthews Lorihmatthews 5 years
 @tiny20 I never said she was special. She might not have thought things through which is why I said I *might* cut her some slack. As far as that director goes, he has no excuse as he is twice her age, which is disgusting in the first place (he's old enough to be her father) and I see him as no better than a predator. In addition to being a complete loser for betraying his wife and children.
tiny20 tiny20 5 years
 @Lorihmatthews im 22years old, i know that cheating is wrong and hurtful - what makes her so special?
tiny20 tiny20 5 years
who cares how she feels? she the one who chose to cheat
totonlaura totonlaura 5 years
Now I know she's been smoking to much What  a dumb a$$..  
Lorihmatthews Lorihmatthews 5 years
What kind of "man" who is married with children cheats on his wife with a girl who is half his age? What a complete, utter loser. I hope his wife kicks him to the curb and takes him for everything he's got. As for Kristen, she's really young, so I might cut her some slack. But this director knows better.
GTCB GTCB 5 years
Bwhahahaaha!  Cue the apologists.
YoniYoniYoni YoniYoniYoni 5 years
I knew it!
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