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Brooke14536433 Brooke14536433 4 years
Kristen Stewert and Robert Pattinson need to get back together. They were just the cuttest couple ever. I loved them as a couple and it breaks my heard to see them not together anymore.
1278368 1278368 4 years
Go Kristen, we love you!!!!!
Jrzy Jrzy 4 years
Spy3378307, Ki14512545 and Dalovely should share all their facts and neutral opinions. Personally I had no idea that Kristen's career started and ended with Rob. Shame on her for smiling when she should be grieving and begging him back to only ride his coattail. Not sure what makes her irrelevant but I am POSITIVE she has done many movies before she even knew Rob existed. But we should always believe everything we see and hear from social media.Gossip is the only thing that is irrelevant. Whatever goes on in their or anyone else's relationship is no one's business. My lord, they are both very young and it may work out and it may not but I can't imagine having the constant negative, harsh and evil things people say. Just because they are celebrities that doesn't give anyone the right to invade their personal life. But of course they made that decision when they became a celebrity and that makes it right for us to invade their personal lives. No we made that choice for them and no longer respect privacy. Please share with us all the movies you have made, relationships you have been in and how you love the paps invading your personal life and sharing it with the rest of the world so we can all have neutral opinions like you. They are actors and actresses who make movies, they did not sign up for a realty show. If you like your privacy then respect theirs!!!
Jrzy Jrzy 4 years
WOW Ki14512545 a neutral person, not sure I would call you that based on your comments below. You must know a lot of famous people to have so many facts about Kristen's life. There are three sides in every situation...his, hers and the truth. But you have facts I see. Ben Affleck personally told you he didn't want to work with her and then for Will Smith to tell you, he personally had her kicked out. The best is that Kristen and Rupert told YOU they had sex, must hang out with Rob a lot to know he is such a decent guy and have inside knowledge that her career is going no where. Please tell us what movies you have been in and how long you have been acting...please share with us so we can all be a NEUTRAL person with your type of opinions rather then brain dead crazy 15 year old girls as you put it.
Gloria3305650 Gloria3305650 4 years
I hope she finds happiness and peace, love you keep roght on smiling and be happy. There will a man that will really love you and will defend you and pertect you you wait and see. Well I'm leaving now but want to wish you the very best of luck to you. Your fan and supporter, may God bless you and give you peace so good luck.
Shelldogga Shelldogga 4 years
Aunu1 I agree
Shelldogga Shelldogga 4 years
1278368 I agree, I also think that they will end up back together!
1278368 1278368 4 years
I can say that kristren is a star much bigger than Robert, she has capital to be a great actress, is very talented!! Needless to mention the huge amount of fans who adore her, is happy and smiling, I love her and hopefully now be even happier!!
Aunu1 Aunu1 4 years
wow, I'm sitting here shaking my head at some of the posts. such insight to someone you don't even know. this is a very young "Hollywood" couple. did you all really think they would last? and unless you were right there with Kristen and the older married man ( who "in my opinion" to advantage of a young starlet.) quit casting stones. are you all that damn perfect that you have to say such hateful things about someone you don't even know? perhaps you all just need to get a f***ing life. what makes you think Robert Pattinson is so innocent? This break up has been a long time coming. they seem to have made a mature decision about "their" relationship. and I commend them for being able to move on. she can't stay holed up in her home forever. even he " according to reports" was out that very night. why aren't you hating on him? I'm a fan of them both. and I will continue to be so.
Ki14512545 Ki14512545 4 years
This homewrecker has no romorse, does she? I don't follow her or Pattinson or Twilight but a neutural person like me can even see Rob is a very decent guy. He did a right thing. Her career is going nowhere, You all know she got fired recently from a movie she had been attatched to for months. First Ben Affleck dropped out of it because he knew better to not associate with her homewrecking reputation. Nobody wants to work wit her. And Will Smith came along and he also didn't want her so he just kicked her out. lol the funny thing is that he was being so generous as to let her team handle that embarrassing incident. Her team pulled the "age card" saying kristen pulled out of the movie because will smith is too old. HAHAHA Are you kidding? You FVCKED a married man in his 40's with two children. The last thing that makes her somewhat relevant was Robert Pattinson. Now he is also ditching her. She is over. All she's got now is her brain-dead crazy 15 year old fan girls. lol
Maureen14512125 Maureen14512125 4 years
Yesss Kristen ... You do have to recover quickly from your grief, you really need to get out enjoy & live life happily&act positive, prove you can go back to work again and you're ever have a role as a singer in the your movie, try to hone the ability to sing and you're right friends with Taylor Swift in order to share experiences in the field of singing. Kristen .. Good luck with you
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 4 years
well Dalovely then why don't her peeps want her to act "normal" and stay out of sight.
dalovely dalovely 4 years
Damage control. really if you broke up with your very famous boyfriend that you've known since the very beginning of your very famous franchise, you've been with and dated for 3 years. Only reconciled after a very public cheating would be all cheery and ha ha with friends in front of paps. That's called PR damage control. Being told by her agent or manager go out and look like you are having fun. Because most normal people would be in private with their friends during a split. This looks like Oh no big thing that we split, so what we dated for 3 years. In your own life experience when have you seen cavalier bahavior after a break up?
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 4 years
Kristen: You go girl and don't let the haters get you down. And you have never looked better.
african87 african87 4 years
Iam happy she is smiling that show how strong she is you go girl
gdigger99 gdigger99 4 years
Kristen is stunning!!!
1278368 1278368 4 years
She is beautiful, very sweet, a talent!! She's great and happy, and if so, I'm happy!!
Pierrette2357388 Pierrette2357388 4 years
It doesn't matter what this woman does .. even when her and pattinson are supposedly apart people will continue to judge and talk all kinda of rubbish about her , and that's a shame . Somehow a lot of them seem to forget that girl has been working for a long time way before this twilight thing . I'm sure she is grateful for the opportunity but i'm sure she didn't foresee all that hate . I'm not affected at all by these events because i appreciate them both and i only wish them the very best whether they stay apart or if ever they get back together . stranger things has happened to many other couple whether they are actors or regular everyday people , that's what we call life ! i just wish some people would acquire some common sense and actually use their brain sometimes before coming on gossip site and write a bunch of crap !.. More power to both of them .. like the song says ..Don't worry be Happy !!
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 4 years
Taylor Swift? How do you know this Pop Sugar? no pics.
Eva14510809 Eva14510809 4 years
I am very glad to see her laugh.On it are friends. And therefore is a pity that her greatest boyfriend her left. I love her.
smitty055 smitty055 4 years
Good to see Kristen seemingly happy. But damn that x17. They are the source and author of what is evil in the world . If Rob and Kristen are separated I hope they come to realize the value of their relationship. The dogs are the extension or expression of them. I hope they come understand that.
Laura14507104 Laura14507104 4 years
some comments here make me laugh at how childish someone can be. jealousy its not good, poeple. live and let live. :)
1278368 1278368 4 years
I love Kristen, do not believe in the story of separation, they were seen together during these days and the house they lived in is for sale!! I love to see her happy, living your life, preparing for the upcoming movie, wish you luck and success, I am happy for her, is very beautiful!!
analytic analytic 4 years
Ha haha! I cannot stop laughing!!! I love u Kris! what a beautiful smile. Go girl!!
Spy3378307 Spy3378307 4 years
Of course Kristen wants to do a movie with Robert. He's getting cast in movies with A list directors and actor/actresses. She just wants to ride on his coattails. His career is on fire and he keeps getting great roles. She can't keep a role
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