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Ady15218299 Ady15218299 3 years
Ojala alguno de estos días pueda ver la noticia en donde reconozcan que kristen jamas regreso con robert porque ella mantiene una relación con esta jovencita que la acompaña siempre, como su sombra inseparable, desde el año pasado salen juntas en mas fotos que kristen sola o con alguien mas, la llevo a Europa cuando trabajo allá, pasaron halloween y acción de gracias juntas, y cada vez que hay fotos de kristen o casualidad ella esta a su lado. Hasta que conoció a esta chica kristen jamas se tatuó, pero ahora esta llena de tatuajes como ella. La ultima ruptura con Rob se la adjudicaron a Rupert pero es casi seguro que fue por esta chica. El tiempo me dará la razón.
so-good-to-be-true so-good-to-be-true 3 years
It amazes me she always looks fabulous in the casual pics. In this sense, she is number one among the stars. Her style has been used to criticize her as a tomboy, but still remains pretty and sexy. Se could improve it using more brilliant colors, such as the yellow of these pictures, wearing skirts and small heels occasionaly, forgetting from time to time her "vans". She seems very honest with herself and deserves the best for the new year.Tabloids should apologize for the way they treated this young girl, and give thanks for making money with her.
mo_ri_ah mo_ri_ah 3 years
She needs to stop buying that garbage pet food in a bag. :( Buy The Honest Kitchen instead, girl.
maria15216442 maria15216442 3 years
its not a big deal if Kristen is a lesbian and one of her friends is her girlfriend the love of her life much better than Rupert who was much married and had of these days she will come out .they shared the same clothes and accessories
Dixie15081849 Dixie15081849 3 years
So much for the happy reunion on NYE...BWAHAHAHAHA Seriously, She looks happier than she has in long time. Being single looks good on her. And there are no comments on her being pregnant because she isn't! LOL
charli6 charli6 3 years
wow people just love to nitpick...first even if she only got chosen by chanel for one season she still got chosen...she's already endorsing balenciaga perfume and there are so many other actresses out there but they still picked her and that did not happen by accident so deal with that!!! second you keep insisting she's gay like there's something wrong with that...none...if she's happy then she should go for it. she's not hiding it...she's not making people hide in the dark or deny having a relationship with her. keep smiling kristen!
robertomarquezm robertomarquezm 3 years
Kristen be happy being yourself and do not pay attention to jealousy and envy.
Vernistene2417805 Vernistene2417805 3 years
Why no comments on her being pregnant? because she is.
tellytru tellytru 3 years
If they are dating, why the tabloids didn't start a rumor about kristen and this girl who is always with her yet? and if they are together is depressing cuz Kristen is beautiful and this girl is ugly as hell.
milamilamila milamilamila 3 years
and since Kristen has been wearing allof Alicia's stuff, Alicia decided to do the same <3333333 Alicia is wearing KStew's t-shirt now!! hahahahahahahaha
Caryn14704671 Caryn14704671 3 years
While I have my own issues with Ms. Stewart, it is good to see her smiling, something that she hasn't been seen doing this openly in good long while. And, on the up, this most definitely lays to rest the false reports that she was seen on the Isle of White yesterday. One more fantasy laid to rest. Now, if we could just get supposed 'outlets' like PS to stop referring to her as the 'face of Chanel', which is also false. She was named the 'muse' for one small seasonal line. Not a bat accomplishment, especially considering her typical lack of care as to her appearance. But, she certainly is not an 'ambassador of the house of Chanel', which is how they officially title their paid spokesperson, who is currently actress Diane Krueger.
milamilamila milamilamila 3 years
to 'The H in Hollywood': her 'haters' can;t wait for her to come out of the closet!
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 3 years
And being blissfully happy is the best revenge to her haters.
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 3 years
Who cares if she and Alicia are together. Kristen prob. is bisexual. Hardly unusual in LA.
milamilamila milamilamila 3 years
topomp girl: child, take your own advice. And KStew is mostly laughinig to losers like YOU!
milamilamila milamilamila 3 years
and enough already popsugar, we know you're on KStew's payroll, but do her a service and help her come out of the closet! SHE IS IN A LESBIAN RELATIONSHIP WITH ALICIA CARGILE!!!!!!!!
milamilamila milamilamila 3 years
tto blue girl" her 'pal', the ugly one, is her lesbian lover Alicia Cargile.
Pomp54 Pomp54 3 years
To all Kristen haters who will pop up soon. Leave her alone she is not what most of you so calls fans are saying about her or even calling her names. If any of you know Kristen is that she is very loyal to her friends. Yes she have friends that some of you don't approve of which is fine and that is okay. Some of you all are stalkers when it comes to Kristen and rob. You go on her friend Instagram pages and abuse them, then tag her to the abuse. If you all ever notice Kristen is laughing at you all. You think she don't know what you all are saying about her and she don't care, She will only do it to make you all more pissed. If you all notice Kristen is trying to get rid of most of you all. If I was in her shoes I would do the same thing. Her friends are not famous. Not musics, actors and director like robs. You all seek them out they are ordinary people. Who go on someone page they don't know and talk about I love you not even meet the person a day of their miserable lives. I hope Kristen keeps doing what she is doing and get rid of you all so call fans and stalkers that abuse her friends.
african87 african87 3 years
smile more kristen you look so beautiful
bluegirl58 bluegirl58 3 years
Who is "her pal?" Good Lord that woman is ugly ....
strongcouple strongcouple 3 years
What a beautiful and gorgeous smile ! she is Happy in LA with her palls living freely and happyly her life:) love you kstew!
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