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Kristen Stewart Cheating Allegations Arise — Are You Surprised?

Just when we thought Tuesday's news day was over, Us Weekly revealed its cover alleging Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. The magazine appears to have pictures, though we've yet to see what the inside article holds. People published its own report about Kristen and Rupert, saying it was not a long-term thing and that the actress is apparently "devastated" by her "lapse in judgement" and "mistake." It's a lot to take in, and both Kristen's and Rupert's reps have declined to comment. Robert and Kristen were last spotted together on Sunday at the Teen Choice Awards and were holding hands on a date night just last week.

We're pretty surprised, but we want to know your take. Are you surprised by the reports about Kristen and Rupert?

Jean2994858 Jean2994858 5 years
There is no Rob without Kristen. She picked him out of $5,000 guys so people, Please please give her a little credit for that. Kristen had stood by Rob through out theses years no matter what happened. And I really believe that they both genuinely love each other. And you should be able to forgive if you genuinely love someone, Everybody deserve a second chance simply because we're not God. That's what love is all about. Rob's older and more mature about relationship but Kristen is young and naive and stupid and obviously has a lot to learn. And that guy, Sanders, he's just "NO GOOD PIECE OF SHIT". He's MUCH MUCH Older than her and completely take advantage of her. He should be able to control himself especially with 2 kids and wife at home, COMMON PEOPLE!!! It's not all Kristen's fault but the lesser part of it, yes. So Please ROB, Don't be AVERAGE, be above. And Kristen, Grow the fuck-up, behave and start to realize what you have before it's too late (hopefully not yet). And KRISTEN, stop dissapoint your FANS.  And I hope that ROB could forgive her if he genuinely loves her or otherwise. You guys are great together so please "Don't Let Go". Love ROBSTEN With all my heart. D.JeanPh
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 5 years
 @Misscaribean i wonder too.  I am starting to think Kristen is noticing for the first time her sexual power and that may have gone to her head.  I think she was seeking thrills and danger.  I don't believe she set out to maliciously hurt people.
Misscaribean Misscaribean 5 years
 @Aitch3 I don't think you can ever trust someone who has cheat on you. I will go crazy every time my boyfriend goes out if I knew he had or was cheating on me! But to be honest I wouldn't take him back! I understand some people get busy and lonely because they travel a lot and need affection, or meet someone who they feel connected too and do something stupid but if you are really in love and happy can't you just walk away and not loose what you are lucky to have? I wonder what she saw in him that she didn't find in Rob. 
morirom morirom 5 years
He wanted a steady relationship/marriage,but she wanted something crazy to happen to her.They are wrong for each other anyway
Nancy1947 Nancy1947 5 years
If it did happen then why are Kristen and Robert still holding hand"s ? Did he forgive her? it's really hard to believe it's true cause they are so much in love!!!!!!!
Tereses24 Tereses24 5 years
WOW well my bad guess it's true..just hope they get the privacy they all deserve. And your commenting on her vocabulary seriously? Have you ever watched her interviews she isnt dumb
Missy2985952 Missy2985952 5 years
The only thing that shocking about this situtation is the vocabulary Kristen used. I didn't think she knew the meaning of most of those words or that she could form a full sentence with out using the word "like".
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 5 years
 @Misscaribean so sad.  he may forgive her, but can her ever truly trust her again?
Misscaribean Misscaribean 5 years
 @Aitch3 Who knows, he might forgive her! It sucks though, they were such a cute couple!
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 5 years
of course I am shocked  aren't most people shocked about this?!  Robsten is OVER folks.
Malorie Malorie 5 years
To my own feelings on this as a huge fan of Kristen from the beginning to now when she started in movies I can not judge Kristen or Rupert as many of us walk on this earth doing the same exact things, if to cheat, or lie, even worst things we can do to one another we are "ALL ONLY HUMANS"  only time will tell how these 2 will rise from this but hoping that both will work out for them. I can only say in my place I feel for them as at a moment in my life I had to make a hard decision to a situation close like this one.  Rob ever want to talk or even Kristen I am a good listner
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
I have zero respect for cheaters - always have, always's actually HARD to cheat so the "it just happened...I don't know how it happened...It was unexpected" BS doesn't fly with me...I see this subject as black & white...if you like someone that's unavailable (forget MARRIED w/kids - bleh), stay away - it's not rocket science, it's integrity and respect (for yourself - who wants to be someone's side ho?)...and for the love of God, Robert effing Pattinson was into her, wtf is her problem!?!...UGH
Misscaribean Misscaribean 5 years
Alright I got my proof from Kristen herself so now I can feel bad for Rob! But like I said I love Kristen so I am not going to judge her or hate her! People makes mistakes!
kaiiencia kaiiencia 5 years
Who would have thought...
Misscaribean Misscaribean 5 years
Either she is cheating or not who are we to judge! I will wait for REAL proof before starting to feel bad for Rob. People love to make a big deal for no reason sometime just to create drama. I love Robsten but she won't be the 1st to cheat nor the last! 
Astridpty30 Astridpty30 5 years
wasnt she dating with someone when she left him for RP .... so it didnt surprise me
bellaraychill bellaraychill 5 years
Want the proof? It's a sad day for the Twilighters. 
1392430 1392430 5 years
LOL. Since when people believe what's written US Wekkly ?! If you google this, you'll see that half of the pages "doesn't exist" anymore ! Plus there's absolutely no picture, except that really badly photoshopped photo on the cover (look at Kristen's ear, seriously they could hire better people --').  Now that the fact that they're a couple is no longer a rumor, they need new things to sell more, that's all ! 
ShellyBob74 ShellyBob74 5 years
What a bunch of BS! Don't believe it at all!!
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 5 years
Where are these kissing photos?
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 5 years
 @gaba77 looks like they removed it.
gaba77 gaba77 5 years
If you click the link above  "Us Weekly revealed its cover alleging Kristen Stewart cheated "  you get oops!! The page you’re looking for isn’t here.     Are they taking down the article?
Guest44988 Guest44988 5 years
Lol, what a brat. What anyone sees in this girl is a mystery to me. twihards just had their year ruined.
1245013 1245013 5 years
I don't believe it! BS story!
JustGossip JustGossip 5 years
What surprise me is that people think the Rob/Kristen relationship is real. I've always thought this thing was a marketing ploy that added an extra $100 million to the franchises bottom line and that once the last film came out these two would conveniently break up. Looks to me like that's exactly what they are preparing those idiotic twi-hards for. 
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