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1278368 1278368 4 years
Actually Kristen is extremely humble despite all his enormous talent! I want see it in large projects and good movies!! She is incredible, I wish a good luck !!
Beloved2 Beloved2 4 years
So much show for so little talent.
MAMAMA9999 MAMAMA9999 4 years
Kristen u doing very good really, so amazing. But just dont rush or pressure yourself if u do and please never ignore anytime how u feel at every moment on ur stage, accept both happy and not . Plus if having time, love ur hair more.
llenaj llenaj 4 years
@geeky, you must be talking about a barbie. ever heard of the word different personalities? or maybe you aren't conscious of variations. imagine a world full of paris hiltons who in fact matches your definition of perfection. what do you think will happen? and honey, acting isn't just about portraying different faces. it's also about connecting to your fans. sadly you can't connect 'cause you aren't a fan. and if your basis of good looks is only money, you are in great need of a life revision. that's just selfish. and if being successful you mean is having the big people connected to you. you might as well watch yourself grow old in fast forward and skip to death part wherein they'll only say good things to you when you passed away. it's good to continue what you love and still keep the one's who turned you into what you are right now. you clearly care about the pattinson thing because you took the time to comment on this article.don't be in denial sweetheart you clearly need a reality check. lately, have you ever asked yourself. do I really know her beyond computer screens?...when you do. you might as well take jealousy management.:)
strongcouple strongcouple 4 years
well said Pierrette2357388 !!!! agreed with you at 100%. That geeky person need a psy consult! rather be stay true to yourself than have fake personality fake smiles fake life to please others, that's not healthy. Kristen is true to herself, we love her support her and wish her well ! She is stunning, radiant,splendide in all her Paris pics.
Pierrette2357388 Pierrette2357388 4 years
it still baffles me why some people are still hating on this young women .. That geek person dislike her fine that is your choice and it's ok but if you do why bother commenting ? Also must she look like every other young actress in hollywood , smile and fake it all the time ? Staying true to who you are is the right way to be specially in this town and in this type of business . I admire her just because she won't compromise who she truly is just to please everyone . if you notice she smiles for her fans always and when she can take the time to sign autographs and photos , but when it comes to those nasty paparazzis she doesn't have to because their whole agenda is to get a pay day off her , also i noticed a lot of actors behave the exact same way now ..i believe fans are who keeps you working not paparazzis cockroaches !.. anyway i don't bother with actors i don't care for so ... i don't get the nasty post !
dandd dandd 4 years
wow! not a good look!!!
tquach88 tquach88 4 years
WOW! She's so ROCKING HOT!!! She's going to be a BIG trend setter! Love everything! Especially the shoes!!!
Angela14673119 Angela14673119 4 years
@ geeky. How can you intensely dislike a complete stranger. She has done nothing personally wrong to me or you? Something is very wrong.
zorak zorak 4 years
Geeky what movies of her's have you seen. Did you see Cake Eaters or Welcome To The Riley's?
furusato furusato 4 years
No wonder she gets front row seating. Beautiful face, mesmerizing eyes and lovely figure.
zorak zorak 4 years
The maelstrom of wild rumors and fabricated stories surrounding this young woman makes my head hurt. She looks beautiful and is in Paris in keeping with her continued involvement with the fashion industry. This girl will be just fine. She has a supportive family, is surround by long time close friends, and is worth over 70 million.She has 4 movies slated for production, and has a large and long established fan base
Geeky14672951 Geeky14672951 4 years
I dislike her intensely. She can't act, she can't emote even in real life, she doesn't smile and she doesn't carry herself correctly. She would be a lot more elegant or cute or whatever look she is going for if she went in for a new hair style and dressed less angsty-with-money like. She does have to work against her jaw so the right look is critical. She isn't well-liked in certain circles because of the whole Pattinson thing which I don't care about. She needs a refresh! More grumpy looks are not what the proverbial doctor ordered.
Malorie Malorie 4 years
gorgeous Kristen looks,
strongcouple strongcouple 4 years
OMG !!! She is just perfect ! She is just Glam Sexy and Gracious! Wow!!!
african87 african87 4 years
Kristen you look very lovely wow you go girl
lore562 lore562 4 years
this is what I call PERFECTION, she is so beautiful
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