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Cherrie2730389 Cherrie2730389 5 years
 @lavender2462 Not one negative comment towards Kristen on this page, no negative comments at all except yours!  Why the need to bash Christina?  I saw 'The View' interview and in no way was Christina upset about Kristen visiting Rob on set.  She seemed slightly uncomfortable talking about them as a couple because she, like everyone else, knows how private they are. The ladies on the View asked if Kristen was there the day they did the love scene and she explained that it's typically not polite/good etiquette to be on set when your significant other is filming a love scene, it makes an already uncomfortable situation even more awkward.  Kristen's an actress, she knows this, hence the reason she chose NOT to be there that day. Only a truly insecure person would insist on being there, and  Kristen knows she has nothing to worry about...   Kristen is awesome no doubt, but there's no need to bash Christina to get that point across. BTW Christina has a boyfriend, Curtis something, they've been together for years  It's so ridiculous that  any actress that works with Rob ends up being hated on, it happened with Emile de Ravin, Reese Witherspoon and now Christina.  This is why everyone makes fun a 'Robsten' fans because of stuff like this...
lavender2462 lavender2462 5 years
kristen stewart is one of the coolest chicks in hollywood everyone needs to lay off she is to be admired how many 22 year olds can do what she does do not want your stupid negative remarks don't care about the bella think just think she is great awesome,everybody needs to watch the view with christine ricci and how she was not happy because kristen came on set to be with robert pattison and it was rude this was for bel ami she said she was not supposed to do that like it was a law it was roberts b-day.if you get a chance watch it
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
she looks fab, totally in "Bella" mode lol...I'm obsessed with lash extensions now that I have them and I think she has them on the ends
Pursy Pursy 5 years
Her hair is AMAZING! 
hduval90 hduval90 5 years
I'M THE LUCKY I'M A HUGE FAN WINNER :) dklsfjdkafl;ds Yay!
hduval90 hduval90 5 years
YESS :) I am obsessed with her haiiirrrr :) Its all Bella color too from reshoots :) Those pants are awesome too and that jacket/shirt ! :)
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 5 years
wow she is back to that gorgeous KStew hair.  All hers I believe.
kate4g kate4g 5 years
Great style!
yellowColor yellowColor 5 years
She looks so adorable and beautiful. I LOVE this outfit. It's going to be a busy May for Kristen. She will promote Snow White and The Huntsman and be at Cannes on May 23 for ON The Road premiere. 
leanyn leanyn 5 years
Kristen looks beautiful - more like....happy, healthy glowing with little make up!  Her orange jacket, James Dean tee, and rock leather pant..complimented her whole natural and gorgeous look!!  I'm loving everything she had on last night...really!  Sorry but I only watch these last shows when I know Kristen's on!  I definitely am looking forward to see all her movies this year! 
naziazholesusuck naziazholesusuck 5 years
georgeous! love her outfit. she looks great. 
1278368 1278368 5 years
It's a wonderful actress, ever more beautiful and charming! Talent and charisma .....beautiful!
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