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Vanessa3632833 Vanessa3632833 4 years
@cfp - Wow, you need to relax. Does it really bother you whether she ties her shirts or not? There's nothing wrong with it and it looks fine. Calm down, honey.
gossiplovalova gossiplovalova 5 years
I'm not sure what to think of this new look... she doesnt look too happy about it lol
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
makeup looks fab, I'm not really into her style but I can't knock it either
Margarethe Margarethe 5 years
It Robert Pattinson's Shirt..she always wears it
Honey2380 Honey2380 5 years
I ♥ Her style:)
jolielove jolielove 5 years
Stunningly beautiful girl!! I love SnowStew.
arrowstraite arrowstraite 5 years
I agree with cfp. The butch look is tired. Same thing all the time. And some of you need a f* pill for all that psycho fanaticism. She doesn't even like you. :ROTFL:
LealandMS LealandMS 5 years
this outfit is okay nothing special
Guest4498 Guest4498 5 years
Wearing her same outfit with the t-shirt knot and just throwing a jacket over it. Not worthy of sitting front row at Fashion Week when she doesn't like fashion.
leanyn leanyn 5 years
Kristen looks simply breathtakingly beautiful with a little make up! Please don't change of who you are, and we as your truly fans LOVE YOU just the way you are!!!!
fabmichile fabmichile 5 years
1278368 1278368 5 years
I love Kristen always surprising, I love his personality and I admire his enormous talent. I pray that she is happy .... gorgeous!
ojoba ojoba 5 years
She's beautiful and really growing into her own as an actor,wish her all success and happiness.
oni2 oni2 5 years
Does that shirt look at all familiar, she has to tie it in a knot it belongs to Robert Pattinson, yes indeed that is his shirt......
Marlowe Marlowe 5 years
LOVE LOVE Kristen :heart:
chocolate79 chocolate79 5 years
i love her makeup here..
lovelylu lovelylu 5 years
and to cfp: look at the size of her shirt-it's huge and oversized. I'm not sure why she's wearing what looks to be a man's shirt, but if she didn't knot it, it would hang all sloppy down past her hips. I think she just did it out of necessity here.
lovelylu lovelylu 5 years
she is really getting very pretty. I always thought she was a cutie, but she's a bonafide stunner now.
alexsa21 alexsa21 5 years
Ok, I wasn't always a fan of KStew, I have to be honest and say I didn't think she was pretty. Cute, yes but not more than that. Well, I take it back because she is beautiful! Stunning, she's growing up into a beautiful young woman.
Stewson Stewson 5 years
She couldn't wait to get on her T-shirt and jeans gotta love it :)
reba506 reba506 5 years
Wow, she looks stunning!
tigerheart tigerheart 5 years
Way to go, Kristen. After three years of being in the spotlight you're dressing appropriately. Next up you can work on the acting.
LiveLoveKstew LiveLoveKstew 5 years
FabulousFashionStew looked stunning! Loved both her outfits and I'm liking the long black hair... SnowStew ♥
maggiepaul maggiepaul 5 years
i like how kristen goes casual and knots her shirts. i hope she never changes her laid back style just to please hateful losersl ik you plantinum. shut your face now and step off.
cfp cfp 5 years
She NEEDS to stop with the knotted t-shirt thing. I get it, it's her thing, but do it when you aren't out in public at an event! I love sweatpants, but I don't wear them until AFTER I get home from work.
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