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Tee-Jay14378195 Tee-Jay14378195 4 years
it's amazing how some of you know everything about a person just by looking at their really need to work for the CIA or Homeland Security and help protect our country instead of wasting your time on a blog hating Kristen. The fact is Rob and Kristen are together, happy and in love, rich and successful and nothing you say or think will change that. If you're truly a fan of either one you'll be happy for them and not judge everything little thing they do or don't do based on your own life experiences.
RKfan RKfan 4 years
I think was romantic and say so much about him to forgave her. They love each other and relationship is not easy. All deserve a second chance. Wish them the best.
african87 african87 4 years
Candie 17 get a life for yourself he is smart not to leave her and iam sure you want what they got hater
omg21 omg21 4 years
I can't believe they are still together. HE IS AN IDIOT.
1278368 1278368 4 years
I love them both and found odd not have one photo of the two together, finally there is! Beautiful and happy as ever, doing my happiness! They are amazing, adorable and wish them all luck and success in the world!!
strongcouple strongcouple 4 years
hahahaha dillusionnal haters are so funny lol these two are in love and they are living their life,you like it or not they don't care !! lol an authentik couple do not broke because someone made a mistake, they work it out and move on, robsten moved on so if you haters wanna live in the past that's your call but robsten are living their life and moving forward. Nice day):
Nina14472783 Nina14472783 4 years
The reason everyone loves to see them together is because the Twilight series was so compelling. Everyone would love to have the love of their life-forever. Never grow old or get sick-I totally get the dream. No one else could have been Bella. Kristin in that role made me believe in a love that last forever and ever. :)
sap10 sap10 4 years
LOL what? Who told you people can't buy a house unless they're a citizen? And just because they're not holding hands at all times they're not a couple? Also, why would Rob want to go to the Met Gala? I don't think he's very interested in fashion. Some of you people need to step into the real world.
Kristi14470931 Kristi14470931 4 years
I dont think they are together, i think its just a very strong friendship they have. Also he does not live with her, he lives with a good friend he met through his agent, which was revealed a while ago. He never had his own home, he cannot have one as he is not a citizen of the U.S. he would have to be a dual or be married to a citizen. What i see is a very strong bond between them as friends. It will be interesting to see what happens when he leaves in July again to film.
lore562 lore562 4 years
gala705 and dalovely - your envy shows everywhere , just let them be
dalovely dalovely 4 years
Lately you never see them even holding hands. Fine he doesn't have to accompany her to the Met Gala yet his best friend Tom Sturridge and his partner Sienna miller go but Pattinson doesn't want to be seen with his girlfriend at a Gala. If you go to a prestigious event and your bf declines attending that's a sad sign. As I stated I think Pattinson is a gent, he won't dump her but since the "scandal" she is the one who is needy and willing do whatever he wants to keep him.
Margarethe Margarethe 4 years
I wonder why its so hard for her to be as natural as she was with Michael and Rupert. Is there something wrong with Pattinson
Larissa14469499 Larissa14469499 4 years
... seriously? do you really know something about them? because they have NEVER walked a red carpet together, in FIVE YEARS. not even during the Twilight saga. She went to a couple of rob's premieres too, but not with him and just one time walked the red carpet, and running. He went to hers too (the runaways, for example. and cannes) but didnt do the red carpet. They don't like to do those things, and maybe people should respect it and stop wishing for a break up that doesnt even affect you who doesnt care. Oh and btw, Fans always said that he was the one who cared most, or who looked like the one that cared more if looking at all the pics, so that's the first time i've heard someone saying that she is the one who 'bends over backwards' for him. But to be true... i think both care, and i just think they act like a normal couple after a few years together... they just enjoy beeing together, dont have to be touching each other all the time to prove something they already know. (:
dalovely dalovely 4 years
Out of 65 ALL NEW EXCLUSIVE PIC...not one looks like they are boyfriend and girlfriend. I do believe that Rob loves her...because they shared that experience of Twilight, but he looks like a guy who is not into her as much as she is into him. She is clearly willing to bend over backwards for him, but he's too much a gent to break it off. It is better that she do the breaking up. Come on he's in NYC and he couldn't even make the effort to join her for the Met Gala. Every pic of him with her is like a dude who is hanging with his buddy...nothing intimate at all. I think Kristen looks weak by puppy chasing him.
RKfan RKfan 4 years
People should leave them alone now. Are a cute couple who don´t pretend nothing only be happy together. They deserve a respect like everybody.
strongcouple strongcouple 4 years
They did it again ! blowing away every false rumors ! they are strong and don't need to be glued every single day to be happy): This is a hot strong and happy couple!
barbarulas barbarulas 4 years
lore562 lore562 4 years
They look really good together <3
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