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dracodarling dracodarling 6 years
I am not sure about Kristen in this role. I just don't see her in this type of role. I will have have to see it to truly judge; but, the pics are not great.
jaan_black jaan_black 6 years
katuray katuray 6 years
Kristen is really breathtakingly beautiful as Snow White,i think i'm more excited to SWATH than BD2!
kate4g kate4g 6 years
So beautiful!
white-rabbit149683 white-rabbit149683 6 years
I'm really into this version.
tamahome1 tamahome1 6 years
why such negativity on this site , the movie is in the process they are shooting raw footage they never look great , that's why it's never a good idea to look at unfinished work . I'm sure it will look great once the movie is done , i personally can't wait to see it... one last thing Snow White is not a Disney story it' was written by the Bros Grimm a very long time ago and it was never about singing birdies and a twirling princess,it is much darker ok people so everyone has their own interpretation of this fairy tale . Disney is for kids but this story is more for adults and much truer to the Grimm version ..... thank god no talking and singing freaking birds!!!!!!
leanyn leanyn 6 years
Kristen looks obsolutely gorgeous even soaking wet. I love her beautiful flawless, porcelain skin! Can't wait until next summmer!
jolielove jolielove 6 years
Holy shit she looks hot!!!!
ojoba ojoba 6 years
Can't wait to see this version of Snow White!!
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 6 years
This beautiful on location setting and the horse and Kristen--It looks fantastic. RU people kidding me?
arrowstraite arrowstraite 6 years
It's got to be hard when your girlfriend cheats on you with another chick but damn little girl, you are really caught up in the hype of anon posting. But thanks for using your big girl words. :ROTFL:
Mary-Mary123 Mary-Mary123 6 years
Lilly Collins will look just fine in the children's version of SW. This version is much darker and will be more adult. I think it looks great. I am looking forward to this.
Marabelle Marabelle 6 years
Wowzers! Look at Kristen! She looks incredible in that gown with her long, dark hair cascading over one shoulder. This is going to be so breathtaking! Can you tell I'm excited to see this movie? LOL
poppyfly poppyfly 6 years
Wow, Kristen looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I love, love, love this new version of Snow White. It's more grown-up, adventurous and excited. It looks great. Can't wait.
1278368 1278368 6 years
Incredible, wonderful kristen I am very anxious to see this movie. Kristen every day more beautiful!
chocolate79 chocolate79 6 years
really? i think it looks great!! i'm curious to see another version of Snow White that's dark, mysterious... I also think Kirsten would do a good job in this role too.. can't wait!
aaaaaaadina aaaaaaadina 6 years
I love it... haters here are jelous because it looks great. There is a lot of new photos and I am very happy for this movie
arrowstraite arrowstraite 6 years
I know Hollywood doesn't believe in fairytales, love or marriage anymore but I wish they'd put out at least one relate able movie a year. I don't want to see Snow White as Xena.
joikiut joikiut 6 years
oh gosh, is this really snow white??? looks odd.
Lily23 Lily23 6 years
wow, a lot of negativity from you people. It looks fine, like it is supposed to look if she is half dressed or getting undressed.
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 6 years
can we say CRAPFEST????
sydneyca sydneyca 6 years
I'm trying to look forward to this but it does not look good. idk... I'm sure it will be the big summer time cash cow they're hoping for though.
iheartbritboys iheartbritboys 6 years
oh man.. the more pics i see, the more I can't wait for this flop to come out! Damn, film, i mean FILM!!!
awesomepants awesomepants 6 years
oh gosh that looks bad
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