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Sim14779496 Sim14779496 4 years
charli6-Why should she be depressed, you probably know what happened and what I feel? , Stop criticizing Kristen, when you do not know anything about it, Kristen is great, important to be happy and it is well
MBE123 MBE123 4 years
She really is gorgeous! Oh dear.... oversized t-shirt, boxers.... I bet they are getting back together! Also, wasn't there a rumour that the new ring was a present from Rob?
charli6 charli6 4 years
true jilljohn43 she lost rob so she should be depressed right? because that's what defines a woman having a man by her side to complete her. i wonder what rob thinks of his fans when all they do is bully a person that use to mean something to him. they may not be together anymore but i'd like to think they are still friends. i dont think rob agrees with the things you say because if he does what does say about him? oh by the way if you're wondering where he is? he is at chateau marmont partying.
Sim14779496 Sim14779496 4 years
jilljohn43-We do not know what happened, do you? , Stop kriitzovat someone you do not know, live your life and not hers.
Sim14779496 Sim14779496 4 years
Kristen is gorgeous and a great actress, I love her
magpie20 magpie20 4 years
Is Kristen wearing Rob's t shirt? It does seem very big. In any event, she has worn it before. Complicated life she leads at the moment. I suspect Rob took Kristen to see his new Beverly Hills.....just saying. Magpie20
coffeebus coffeebus 4 years
Kristen looks gorgeous.
jilljohn43 jilljohn43 4 years
By the way I should have included: When you have sex with anyone you are having sex with everyone they have had sex with! Did you know that?????
jilljohn43 jilljohn43 4 years
God the stars are dropping like flies in Hollywood! Drugs, Suicides, Infidelity, What is next??? Who wants to move to HOLLYWOOD????? They all think they can do drugs (they can control themselves, they won't overdose) booze it up 24/7 and have sex with each other without worrying about catching a disease? They don't seem to care that you can get throat cancer from oral sex and cancer from papilloma virus. Along with all the other sexually transmitted diseases. With all the partners they have they must be passing them around!!!!! GOOD LUCK HOLLYWOOD! Your going to need it!
jilljohn43 jilljohn43 4 years
Looks like she lost both beau and bow!!! Only yourself to blame Kristen! So sad you lost the most beautiful man on earth that idolized you! He is every woman's dream man! Sweet, considerate, loving, GORGEOUS man.
charli6 charli6 4 years
never mind the broken sunglasses...she's carrying a freaking wallet! oh kristen they can say whatever they want about you but one thing's for sure you are never boring! thank you for keeping us entertained.:)
Che14373692 Che14373692 4 years
she can wear anything that she wants.she's human too.i think she wants a normal life like anybody else,feeling free..its her style and if she feels comfy on that,we have no right to ask her about what she's wearing.alright? :D
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 4 years
I love it with the broken shades!
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