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guarany guarany 4 years
gala705 tell it to rob ;he like her better the youlalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaa
diana1441 diana1441 4 years
Gala How you seen you self in you mirror because if you say shes ugly literally you must be blind because shes beautiful and Georges so you can stop hating because us her fans are so much stronger than you haters. :)
Margarethe Margarethe 4 years
yikes she is dirty looking, nothing attractive about her, skinny untoned legs and that eff you face, even in Channel she just doesn't has it
diana1441 diana1441 4 years
Maricel shut up shes not what you think or say. Shes beautiful the way she is and us her fans love it and anyway if you are the hater there is no point you commenting on her because you know her fans a well stronger than. :)
1278368 1278368 4 years
I'm rooting for her, I wish all the success in the world!! She's a great girl, beautiful soul!
african87 african87 4 years
Love her she look great
ewells1 ewells1 4 years
Does she only own one outfit?
charli6 charli6 4 years
love her.:)
Candace14658775 Candace14658775 4 years
@milamilamila, what has KS done to you? Why can't we support her without people like you being so mean and nasty? We wish RP well with his ad and his upcoming movies, even though we do not like how he has treated KS. If you can't say something nice, then why say anything? Keep your mean thoughts to yourself. I think KS is beautiful and I am not talking only about physical beauty, I am talking about beauty within. Peace to you.
EmmaGC13 EmmaGC13 4 years
@milamilamila, if Kristen annoys you so much why did you click on this article? You have a didn't have to look at her pictures. Popsugar has other celebrity articles you could have read instead.
milamilamila milamilamila 4 years
Oh God, when will KStew's fans disappear?????? They annoy me way more than her ad she's damn annoying!
bob28 bob28 4 years
she's stunning...honestly, she could be a model.
Tona14582514 Tona14582514 4 years
I think Kristen stewart is great.
Aunu1 Aunu1 4 years
I absolutely adore her.
lore562 lore562 4 years
totally beautiful! great skin
strongcouple strongcouple 4 years
Sils maria will start filming at the end of august maybe she is coming to Paris for florabotanica buziness or the the Paris fashion couture... we will see. By the way she is fucking beautiful sexy and flawless!
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