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Cole Sprouse
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Celebrity Couples
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Zillah2320475 Zillah2320475 5 years
I like her skin tone so much,Her pale skin is so gorgeous,Her lovely eyes & she`s incredibly tall:But I hate that she is dating Rob Pattinson:-(
1409609 1409609 5 years
Can't a young woman go shopping with out every  one up her ass,leave her alone already,normal people run and do errands and shop.It just so happens Kristen got caught by the ugly paps.I think she looks so adorable in her skinny jeans,tank top and sneaks,staying true to her self.As always peace,prayers and love to all your family members 2 and 4 legged.I must say I can't wait to see what is in that garment bag on Kristen... Karen E
Pierrette2357388 Pierrette2357388 5 years
I just want to reply to this ridiculous comment from some stuck up b*tch here . Not only you don't know Kristen Stewart you have no idea about her daily life ... You seems to be just an hateful , shallow disrespectful idiot !!! I know our type , you get all pasted up just going to the corner store in the hopes that you might be noticed , but you see at the end of the day after all that crap is off you 're just as ugly inside and out !! Perhaps next time you take a shower yourself you might consider sticking that soap bar in your mouth cause it needs a good cleaning , while you at it you might want to wash your own hair too , it seems to be the only asset you may have .. I don't know you but I bet by the time you hit 30 you might look 50 .... Natural beauty last but all that fake rubbish is only skin deep .. And my friend you are one ugly "thing " ..... Lol!!!
kristenLove kristenLove 5 years
I love her!! She's amazing!!
monikaa monikaa 5 years
is nice to see kristen again and we are going to have party soon YEYY
monikaa monikaa 5 years
 @Serenity2356642 why do you put this shit here this is a kristen stewart post not a robert pattinson post fuck off 
Serenity2356642 Serenity2356642 5 years
Bel Ami isn't making it's way to the US.  In fact, as of today, Sony has no plans to release it here.  Check out this campaign:   Please check your facts.  Fans are growing angrier and angrier by the day.
aaaaaaadina aaaaaaadina 5 years
 @Miish She looks very clean and nice.. you are uncelan in your brain
aaaaaaadina aaaaaaadina 5 years
Kristen. love you!!
Miish Miish 5 years
Who is talking about needing to look perfect? She looks like she needs a shower asap. Why take it personal? I could see her looking that way coming from the gym. But going to Balenciaga's like that? Yikes.
1278368 1278368 5 years
Always refreshing to see Kristen in her casual style, I admire your personality! She is naturally beautiful!
1278368 1278368 5 years
 @Miish you are a waste!
Sarah2356371 Sarah2356371 5 years
 @fishyone2 oh well some people need to get a life:-) there will be always such people.
fishyone2 fishyone2 5 years
I always hate when people make rude comments about her looks. She looks just fine - a young woman out running an errand. I would challenge those posters that are rude that they probably do not look perfect every day :). Thank goodness people don't make public comments about them.
Sarah2356371 Sarah2356371 5 years
at least she is beeing herself.thats what I love about her
Sarah2356371 Sarah2356371 5 years
 @jaan_black  @fishyone2 haha
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
she looks comfortable
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
 @fishyone2  that's Britney Spears...
Sarah2356371 Sarah2356371 5 years
coolest girl in L.A Love ya
fishyone2 fishyone2 5 years
Yeah - if your picture is really you --- then pot, meet kettle.
Miish Miish 5 years
She always looks like such trash. Wash your hair!
kate4g kate4g 5 years
I can't wait to see what she has picked!
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