Kylie's comeback continues with what we've all been waiting for - her previously postponed Showgirl tour. She kicked off the show down under at the Sydney Entertainment Center and tons of fans came out to help her celebrate, hear her sing and see all her fabulous costumes! She didn't disappoint. And as if that weren't enough Bono came out for a duet of Kids. Here's more:

Wearing a John Galliano pink feather frock and head-dress, she put on the show fans have been so eager to see via several costume changes...

And Kylie herself revealed she was just as excited about the show.
"I'm thrilled to be back, I've been looking forward to this for such a long time. Generally I'm like 10 minutes late, but this is a year and a half so I'm fashionably late."

I think we all agree that she's worth the wait! For more pics of her fantastic show and extravagant costumes just