More wonderful quotes from LL and that Elle interview where she declared she wants to go to Iraq. This time it's about her love life. Turns out you really can't believe everything you read about her when it comes to her love life. She says she makes up fake boyfriend stories all the time just to mess with the press. Guess that's why she decided to wear an engagement ring last year while supposedly dating Jared Leto. Here's more:

"I say things that aren't true a lot... If I was dating one person (I'd) probably tell them I was dating someone else and then I'd call my friend and be like, 'Do you mind if I say that we're dating?' "I figure I'll f**k with them (tabloids), because they f**k with me." And Lohan doesn't seem to mind picking up a loose reputation as she fans the flames of speculation about her love life - she wants her boyfriend to be a one-woman man, but she hopes to keep playing the field. She adds, "If I'm going to give my body to someone, I'd rather them not be with other people, but I want to be able to (date) if I like someone else. "I don't think I've had enough experience with dating one guy for a long time."

So does this mean she is not really with Harry Morton? Oh who can keep track. Whatever the news on LL and her many men, we'll still be following it. Check out lots more pictures of her posing and hiding from the cameras so