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Laguna Beach - Jason and LC SO Together

Looks like Gawker's spoiler about LC and Jason at the VMAs and our juicy dirty email proved to be true. Before we can even talk about what happened last night let's focus on the future couple. I am shocked that cute good girl LC would even be attracted to Jason. Why is he such the ladies man? There must be something we don't know. Yeah, he's cute, but he's dumb and seems stoned all the time. Rumor has it LC is getting her own show so lets just hope Jason doesn't make it on - or maybe that is part of MTVs plan since people like him they want them together for rating for the spin off. Overall, it just proves once again that the nice guy (Stephen) finishes last.

For some reason Stephen and Jason are actually really good friends but the show is edited so we don't know that. Stephen is apparently totally cool with sharing his ex with his BFF. Gosh, that's so well, High School I guess.

Here are some pics I have dug up of the new couple. The first is with a fan and the second has something to do with Jason renting that car for his date with LC. She's in the car but I know it's super hard to see. Use your imagination people.

And as for last night. OMG what is up with Kristin? She is getting too cocky. Poor Talan asked her out in such a cute way and then... read more

She is like totally rude to him. He said it was the worst night ever and she kissed like 5 guys. I don't remember seeing her kissing the boys, but who knew these past 2 weeks she would just be hooking up left and right.

As for Alex M. So Sad. She runs back to Jason again and again only to be lead on since we know he's gonna be with LC next week. Hopefully she can move on like Jessica. I'm looking forward to seeing how the season ends - and of course for THE REAL OC ON FOX to return since I find that much more interesting. Sorry all you die hard LB fans, but Summer and Seth are so much hotter then Jason and any of his many ladies.

Source: jul1anne's webshots page and alohaca213 webshots page

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